The Whigs – In The Dark The Whigs – In The Dark

The Whigs - In The Dark

Is it me, or do the Kings of Leon sometimes feel more like a musical John Cusack movie than an actual rock band? I get the passion and intensity attached to the art and shit, and don’t get me wrong, Im an unapologetic fan, but I’m kind of exhausted with how “meaningful” and life-serious a Kings of Leon experience is. At this point, listening to the Kings of Leon emote all over the place is basically an act of voyeurism and borderline pornographic. Each shrilly growl is essentially rock and roll masturbation and I think it’s time to put down the Peter Gabriel-playin’ boom box and listen to something with a little more swagger and a little less like a sensitive-rock orgy. Time to give The Whigs a listen.

The Whigs latest, In The Dark, is a pretty gimmick-less rock album. And I appreciate that. No concept, no costumes, no “thing”.

It seems like in order to get noticed these days everyone needs to have a “thing”. And as much as I love the spontaneity of a goofy instrument or a weirdo DJ or something, everyone knows that having a “thing” gets old and will eventually be what everyone makes fun of ten years down the road. So unlike many of their contemporaries, The Whigs’ In The Dark is an honest album that slowly grows in and out of tempos, moods and styles like a pot of cold water eventually steaming and rolling into a boil right when you turn your back; regaining your focus – like a magic eye picture captivates your entire being for a few minutes until you realize that it’s just a stupid peace sign or a dinosaur and you kinda hate where civilization has taken us, for a second, until you move on with life.

In The Dark is that rock and roll magic eye. If you give it a shot, you’ll realize it’s a slightly more confident, dangerous pop-rock album that will draw you in with intrigue, lose you at times, and grab you again only to reveal a fucking sailboat.

Track Listing:
1. Hundred/Million
2. Black Lotus
3. Kill Me Carolyne
4. Someone’s Daughter
5. So Lonely
6. Dying
7. I Don’t Even Care About The One I Love
8. Automatic
9. I Am For Real
10. In The Dark
11. Naked

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