The Time And Space Machine – Turns You On The Time And Space Machine – Turns You On

The Time And Space Machine - Turns You On

Yes. This is exactly what I wanted. A re-edit is much like a remix. A remix rewrites the song as oppose to a re-edit which merely re-organizes sections. The re-edit is less common than the remix as it usually does not work with popular and recognizable songs. Re-edits are harder to sell to people who already question the artistic value of remixing. Re-edits are conceptual and rarely work unless they do what they do best — unearthing older long forgotten music. Sporto Kantes and Prefuse 73, do to this deed exceedingly well along with another British act called Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve. Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve is an electronic duo who have made a name from themselves digging out mindbending cosmic gems and presenting them to the world as new. The world Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve creates is a fuzzed out portrait of a kingdom long obscured by smoke, fog and general neglect. One half of The Wizard’s Sleeve is Richard Norris, a DJ who continues the plight of obscure psychedelia with The Time and Space Machine.

Turns You On is a recent compilation collecting The Time And Space Machine’s re-edit mini-albums released throughout the project’s short career. The work heard on this album can be found on three volumes released from 2007-2010. The volumes for Time and Space Machine seem to be breathing sketches or acid washed mixtapes as oppose to the project’s more structured full length’s. There is a sense of liberation and freshness with allowing old records to breathe new life. “Only Dreaming” boasts a non harmonized cover of “California Dreamin'” from an unidentified singer. “Psychedelic Circus” has some whacked out sound clips while “Amorous Ways” is such a jewel of a song which had never been given full recognition until now. With this collection of re-edit volumes, The Time and Space Machine does what it does best — trip the fucking fuck out.

Re-edits work well when the main drive behind the music is allowing found music to create a patchwork of sounds. Context plays an integral role in The Time And Space Machine as certain portions are minimized while others are magnified. Norris takes a certain craft in choosing his source material — allowing songs to grow and blossom into florescent flowers which make up a larger astral garden. Turns You On sounds like music heard from inside the mind of an acid user. There is a layer of reality which permeates inside but is then extended and wallpapered over rolling landscapes. Norris seems to have nailed the art of zoning out and never before has it sounded so great.

For a fan of obscure krautrock, acid rock and generally weird psychedelia, Turns You On is a softball of an album which already had me at the opening description. The album works when the listener allows themselves to melt into whatever beanbag chair they have found themselves and embrace the onset of a psychedelic journey — destined for lands flooded with reverb, lava lamps and pulsating colors
It is one of those freaked out headtrips which pushes one to paint swirls on the ceiling and think about the cosmology in a spiritual sense — embracing eastern religions and thinking about everything in a metaphysical sense. Despite any sort of declaration or reason for being on your couch, Turns You On can be considered almost timeless as it has its foot placed throughout many different decades and locations thus transcending — well — time and space.

1. Fire and Ice
2. Odyssey
3. Lesson One
4. Elektra Rising
5. Psychedelic Circus
6. Amorous Ways
7. River Theme
8. Unhung Up
9. Somebody Help Me
10. Through (Your Mind)
11. Only Dreaming
12. Time and Space Taxi
13. La La La
14. Cosmic Cowboy Rides Again
15. Buffalo Roam

The Time And Space Machine - Turns You On, reviewed by Kaptain Carbon on 2011-05-23T09:28:39-07:00 rating 3.7 out of 5

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