The Strokes – Angles The Strokes – Angles

The Strokes - Angles

Listening to The Strokes reminds me of my Bolivian friend Juan Carlos and the shenanigans we got ourselves into as hotel resort employees one summer. Juan Carlos, or “Cholo” as everyone called him (because “everyone from Bolivia is a cholo”) fucking loved The Strokes more than anyone I’ve ever known or met. I mean, most people I know like The Strokes, can bop around to the songs and words that everyone knows, but Cholo was way more than that. He hijacked the ipod evertime we cut hair in the halls of our shitty dorm-prison, he would add The Strokes station to your Pandora if you didn’t already have it and he’d sing Strokes songs as we walked down the shit-stained streets in his hilarious Bolivian accent. But Cholo was more than a fanboy, he actually wanted to be IN The Strokes. He knew each nuance of every guitar solo, he knew when the drums came in, and he knew how long Julian Casablancas held each note. He even called Julian Casablancas “Hoolian Casablancas” – it was fucking adorable.

Cholo and I even used his ridiculous knowledge of The Strokes, their worldwide popularity/household name status, and his wannabe rockstar persona to try and get girls at the local bar in this weird little corner of the world where we happened to live and work.

How you ask? It was quite simple really; we’d walk up to a cluster of girls, ask questions about where they were from or worked (you were either a vacationer or an employee – so this question was kind of the easy ice-breaker) and almost out of nowhere, I would ask the group something like “hey have you heard of The Strokes?”. And just as planned, most, if not all of the group members would have heard of The Strokes which naturally segued into me saying something like “oh, my buddy here (slapping a coy Cholo on the back or shoulder) is the touring drummer for The Strokes”. Honestly, this scheme really only worked once, and as you can imagine, it was always met with skepticism and a chorus of “yeah right”s and “no way”s. Yet in the end, the fascination with exotic accents maybe some expert level knowledge will trump logic and doubt.

And 10 years later, that’s what The Strokes are, and should be all about. Despite the doubt, skepticism and music nerd elitism; they’re a band that has come to be what we define as Rock and Roll. The Strokes are fucking fun – sex, drugs, rock and roll and all that. And although Angles may not be the Rock and Roll dance party album of the year (or the next five), its fun, and a good reminder why we need rockstars making catchy rock music for the world to enjoy. Have fun, be a jaggoff and not take shit so seriously sometimes.

1. Machu Picchu
2. Under Cover Of Darkness
3. Two Kinds Of Happiness
4. You’re So Right
5. Taken For A Fool
6. Games
7. Call Me Back
8. Gratisfaction
9. Metabolism
10. Life Is Simple In The Moonlight

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