The Soft Pack – Strapped The Soft Pack – Strapped

More so this year I have been interested in newer garage and psych. The Soft Pack satisfies an itch which is now becoming unbearable. Already in 2012, Tame Impala, Pond, Ty Segall, Gap Dream, and Naomi Punk have released tremendous albums which continues a style semi resurrected in the mid 00’s. The sound, of course, has a longer history with a vibrant history in the mid 80’s but for now we are here with the flying of the psych pop flag with Strapped the second full length from Los Angeles outfit the Soft Pack.

In 2010, the band made an impressive entrance with their self titled debut garnering critical nods from an array of press outlets. I believe one of the selling points of the record was it was virtually free of lo-fi noise that usually marks a lot of garage throwbacks. With crystal clear sound resonating through the sometimes infectious melodies were free to make themselves at home. Strapped retains the same production coupled with a breaking of regiment with the invitation of other similar styles to make their appearance. Light surf, droning jazzy psych, and even traces of funk offer their services to make an interesting and light hearted record for the end of 2012. Notice the shorts. Notice the sandles. Notice the care free attitude and light beer. We are ready to bring it.

More so than the self titled debut, Strapped as a freshness and a dynamic presentation. Rather than routine presentation of garage pop, Strapped is more angular and varied in its slight tribute to the traditional style. Songs like “Oxford Ave” make use of wandering jazz jams with no particular destination in mind. “Everything I know” abandons itself to surfy reverb and narcotic horns in what turns out to be a stellar and heartfelt display. In fact, the back half of strapped with “Captain Ace,” and “Bound to Fall” proves to be one of the most interesting moments for the band I have come to expect no nonsense.

Strapped‘s turn is a great leap forward for a band that already has made friends and colleagues in the psych pop scene which makes my heart flutter. If the band continues their experimentation then it could be 1967 until the end of time for me. Bravo gentleman. You have proven that you can still wield knives while wearing those suits and ties. I am sorry about the sandals joke. I never knew how hard your right could be.

The Soft Pack - Strapped , reviewed by Kaptain Carbon on 2012-11-26T09:38:37-08:00 rating 3.8 out of 5

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