The Soft Pack @ Del Mar Thoroughbred Club The Soft Pack @ Del Mar Thoroughbred Club

The Soft Pack @ DMTC

The Soft Pack @ DMTC

The Soft Pack

For those of you not versed in the ways of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club allow me to initiate you. The DMTC is an event that is really a microcosm of Southern California. On the surface it’s just a place for horse racing, but assuredly this is a venue for far more than that.

Since Bing Crosby greeted the first fan in 1937 the DMTC has been the place to go. This historical spot is more a part of North County San Diego’s culture than any other man made site. For nearly 75 years it’s been a place where both Southern California’s upper crust and locals alike come to celebrate with equal parts opulence, surf style, racing, and for the last 15 years a lot of music.

The 2010 DMTC concert series lineup was packed with bands that fit the theme. Names include Weezer, Ozomatli, Pinback, Matisyahu, and ZZ Top. Perhaps there was no band that felt more appropriate for this year’s concert series than The Soft Pack.

All four members of The Soft Pack grew up in San Diego. Matt, Matty and Dave all went to high school about 3 miles from the DMTC and drummer Brian was only about 10 miles further south. So you could call this a homecoming of sorts. For weeks preceding the show I must have been asked 50 times if I’d be seen at the scene. Soft Pack was one of the youngest bands selected to play this year although you wouldn’t guess that by the shoulder to shoulder crowd that packed the plaza.

As the sun set and Soft Pack played it became clear that this homespun vibe would be difficult to achieve with any other band, even San Diego rooted Pinback didn’t come close. Always humble and grateful the boys stuck around after the show to talk to the people who they grew up with and it resulted in an impromptu high school reunion of sorts. One thing to take away from this is that San Diego loves two things, the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club and hometown heroes like The Soft Pack.

The Soft Pack at Del Mar:

Pictures by Rob Schell

Other things going on at DMTC:

Pictures by Rob Schell and Ben Irwin

3 Responses about “The Soft Pack @ Del Mar Thoroughbred Club”

  • Wedsie says:

    Dude, sick photos, Mr. Schell!! San Diego photog capturing the glory for a San Diego band – very impressive indeed. Stoked to have you onboard with Pinpoint!

  • Charles says:

    DUDE! AGREED! What do you use to shoot?

  • Ben says:

    Rob did all the Soft Pack Photos. He shoots with a Cannon using a 24-70 most of the time I believe.
    A lot of the things around the track are shot by me. Although 3 of my favorite around the track photos are Robs (guy with the horn, horses finishing, and Jockey with lawn ornament).