The Replacements / Superchunk @ Festival Pier – 5.9.15 The Replacements / Superchunk @ Festival Pier – 5.9.15


Danny never thought that he would get to see the Replacements live so when he had the chance last Saturday, he saw the SHIT out of them. I mean, he watched them hard. WAY harder than I did and I thought that I had been doing a respectable job with my maximum beers and belting my ass out to “I’m in Trouble,” “Favorite Thing,” “Alex Chilton,” “Seen Your Video,” “Left of the Dial,” “Can’t Hardly Wait,” “Never Mind” and…oh, man…what didn’t the ‘Mats fucking play? But my revelry had nothing on Danny’s. By the end of the set, his throat was hoarse, his eyes were wild and his smile could break a four-minute mile and he was STILL singing “I’M IN LOVE! WHAT’S THAT SONG?! I’M IN LOVE! WITH THAT SONG!” and as he sang, other people passing starting up with the chorus too.

It was awesome.

Almost as awesome as the band, themselves who kicked out the jams like the rough, inspired drunks that first forged a brave new world for Cheever punks and Tin Pan dropouts way back when the Gipper was at the red phone. Almost as awesome as Superchunk, who haven’t seemed to age a blister since No Pocky for Kitty and rock harder and happier than almost any band breaking hearts and front teeth today. Almost as awesome as the moment I realized, somewhere in the middle of “Bastards of Young,” that my life is a rich pageantry of unconquerable joy and inimitable splendor.

Actually, it might have been better.

The Replacements


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