The Regressives @ The Grand Victory – 2.8.14 The Regressives @ The Grand Victory – 2.8.14


Ed. Note: Charles went to The Grand Victory on last Saturday all hopped up on cough syrup and the dream of finally getting back at Fat Bastard for stealing all his beer at C Squat back in the aughts (maybe) and we were fine with that so long as we brought us back pics from Two Man Advantage’s sure-to-be Bud swollen and legendary 500th gig but…you know…of course, he didn’t because The Regressives played and he loves those cats just like he did when they were (more or less) Beer & Cable and The 241ers and The Stockyard Stoics (citation needed) and also, he explained, as the night progressed to its swift and reasonable end he found himself wondering how he could live in or near a town where one group of fashion brats met another with a resounding “SIEG HEIL!” before stumbling into deeper drinking in preparation for Jake Casualty’s (ugh) Punx (double ugh) DJ (all the ughs) night with further racist invectives which really have nothing, at all, to do with those hockey-slugging beer boys but certainly soured his mood something fierce.

Now dig, if you will, his pictures.

The Regressives

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