The Night Marchers – Allez! Allez! The Night Marchers – Allez! Allez!

nmIt would be enough to be the newer band with ¾ of Hot Snakes. That resumé enough would carry The Night Marchers. But they don’t let it. Honestly, I love everything John Reis has ever put out. But this album has a weighty swing to it. Think of Max Roach in Thin Lizzy.

Each song on this has its own flavor, but the whole album coalesces well together. There are echoes of some of the previous Reis bands, riffs that sound like maybe they could belong to Hot Snakes, a melody from the Sultans (who are CRIMINALLY underrated) and a horn part from Rocket From The Crypt. There’s even a song that sounds like it could be a radio single. I’m not gonna go into trying to describe songs, because I’d rather have a farting contest at an old folks home than read that.

The one thing there isn’t, is filler. It’s not front loaded with a hammer-packed EP and some half-baked turds after. I want to say it’s because they took their time, but I honestly think they had it recorded for a while before it eventually got released. I don’t know. I could find out, but it doesn’t matter.

I’m gonna call it already — if this isn’t in the top five albums this year…well…it’ll be a mind-blowing year for records then. But I’d be enormously surprised if this isn’t THE best album I will hear all year, and I got it in January. THAT is how confident I am. This is an ABSOLUTE MUST OWN.

There are still a few bands that put out music this great, and I am very thankful for that. But there are fewer and fewer, so being that this is only The Night Marcher’s second album (despite them being veterans) is a huge accomplishment.

Now here’s the clincher. This is a PERFECT album. As in, five stars. No reservations. Some albums take years of repeated listening for you to know it, some are instant classics, either way, you know it. This one is.

Well, how can I call this perfect? What’s perfect? Is Rubber Soul less perfect than Abbey Road? Is Harvest less perfect than Sabbath Bloody Sabbath or Ziggy Stardust? The first Ramones record is just as perfect as Bookends or Reign in Blood or Out of The Blue.

This is going to be the record you’ll listen to driving around with your friends this summer and next summer and I’ll say, in 10 years, your kid brother will show it to his friends and they’ll fly their Jetsons space cars around and blast this record.

Do yourself a favor and PAY for it. You might ask me how that is doing yourself a favor, being that you might be from that generation that never paid for music. The thing is, if you pay for this record, this band might make some money. If they make some money, they can probably afford to make another record. If they make another record that’s nearly as good as this one, you’ll have more timeless records to enjoy. Simple lesson, I know, but pay attention to it.

Oh and for GOD’S sake, GO SEE THEM LIVE. They are REMARKABLE.

Allez! Allez! Tracklisting:
1. Tropical Depression
2. Loud, Dumb and Mean
3. All Hits
4. Thar She Blows
5. Pain
6. 2 Guitars Sing
7. (Wasting Away In) Javalinaville
8. Big In Germany
9. I Wear The Horns
10. Ned Lud
11. Roll On
12. Fisting The Fan Base

The Night Marchers - Allez! Allez!, reviewed by McHank on 2013-03-20T09:08:01-07:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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