The Neighbourhood / Travis Scott @ Stubb’s – 7.18.14 The Neighbourhood / Travis Scott @ Stubb’s – 7.18.14

Photos by Maggie Boyd // Maggie Boyd Photography


Ed. Note: We at Pinpoint are still trying to figure out how to react to The Neighbourhood. Radio has been playing their singles in loop since their debut album came out of Los Angeles in 2013. Anyone who turned on iTunes in that period of time has probably seen their album artwork staring back at them. They’ve sold 2 million + albums in an era where albums just don’t sell. So what is the driving force? As our Editor Charles postures over a scotch   “They’re groovy, I guess. A little slinky for my tastes but I bet that dude helps a lot of ladies along with their pregnancies.” Okay, so perhaps mangy bearded scotch drinkers aren’t The Neighbourhood’s target demo but theirs power in Charles’ glibness. There is something undeniably magnetic about these LA dudes to people across all walks of life. Look no further than the crowd at Stubbs this night: You’ve got guys and gals from 18-58; People wearing their Hollywood leathers on a balmy 80° Austin night; Rocker kids up with  mixed in with confusingly stoic Rap fans (Bud, we know you’re having a good time feel free to crack a smile). It’s seems that The Neighbourhood are bridge builders, touching everyone from us jaded whiskey swilling music editors to the next generation of fan alike.

Travis Scott? “Hip hop and punk share a long ancestry and you just can’t fuck with an Owl Pharaoh so, what? You gonna get Medicaid to pay for my grill?” No, Charles. But here’s some evidence of the tour that took these two troupes to Austin (sadly, all images of White Arrows were lost to technical difficulties) for a bird-flipping, beer-drinking, good look, best time last Friday at Stubb’s courtesy of Ms. Maggie Boyd. Now please dig, if you will, her pictures.

The Neighbourhood

Travis Scott

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