The Naked And Famous – The Warfield Theater – 4-21-12 The Naked And Famous – The Warfield Theater – 4-21-12

The Naked And Famous - The Warfield Theater - 4-21-12

Maybe it was the eight to ten hours of day-drinking I had done prior to seeing The Naked And Famous; champagne, tiki drinks, cheap beer and hard liquor – in that order, or maybe it was just the confetti, but seeing The Naked And Famous has me feeling like waxing poetic about what a great show they put on in San Francisco.

I love the anticipation you feel walking up to the venue as you mentally prepare to see a band you’ve never seen before. It’s kind of why we go see live music. We want to see something we’ve never seen before. We want to have our minds blown. We want to be there when “the thing” happens, and when everyone is talking about it on Monday, we can say “oh yeah, I was there.”

And you know what, last Saturday, I was there.

As soon as I walked into The Warfield I noticed two things; they remodeled The Warfield (for the better), and Now, Now kinda rips. I hadn’t really formed an opinion on their rocking ability prior to seeing them, but dayumm! Despite the cutey-patootey bangs and black-rim glasses – Now, Now kinda rocks your face off. I can’t wait to see them in a more intimate venue.

Seeing Vacationer was looking forward to seeing Vacationer a little bit more then most of the crowd I think, my friend Jen had been hyping them up for a few days and honestly, their 2012 album, Gone, sounds like island-music from the future. They were fantastic and I kinda think every girl secretly/not-so-secretly fell in love with lead singer, Kenny Vasoli (ex The Starting Line).
Side note: do yourself a favor and check out Vacationer’s website:

I liked both openers. But I needed to be electrocuted. I think by the last stop on the tour, The Naked And Famous knew this and tased the crowd from the first song till someone who had obviously seen them before said to me “this is their banger…they’re gonna drop confetti, it’s really cool.” And the confetti dropped. I was there.

Photos by Jennifer Cassity

The Naked And Famous


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