The Men – Immaculada The Men – Immaculada

The Men - Immaculada

All right, I’m late to this review. I got a little soft on the push and so I sort of forget this record existed which is a goddamn shame because it’s already almost sold out of it’s second pressing (still in 2010 so I shouldn’t cut my tit off) but I think if you seek out the band you can find it for free (or get lazy and feel like their whole catalog: and you’d do yourself well because it’s peculiarly extraordinary.

Yes, it suffers a lot of the anti-mastering aesthetic that makes me want to stab myself in the face but for some reason that mess works for The Men.

That chaos is inherent to their purpose.

Because they’re so much greater than their fuzz and screams.

They can write doom songs. They can chug dead metal. They can open a rosary. They can pop and twist and post whatever the fucking freakout vogue the kids in the bung scene call homesteading because they’ve culled a deeper purpose.

A better reference, at least.

Remember how the Thermals wrote that record about God and everyone just loved it because it was grrrr concept over great rock songs and atheism is way better than struggle anyway because if you know you’re right you don’t have to fight and when you die you can die all alone?

Yeah, well fuck that.

Faith is a meaner machine.

And I’m not saying The Men choose any particular side of the ontological argument but Immaculada does suggest that in the greater context of beasts we only exist in paltry comparison to the great cosmic contraction.

Yeah, I think it’s that heavy. And I don’t get high. I just love getting lost in the lonely expanse somewhere between Jesus and the hopeless infinity.

The Men - Immaculada, reviewed by Charles on 2011-01-12T11:39:35-08:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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