The Maccabees – Given to the Wild The Maccabees – Given to the Wild

The Maccabees - Given to the Wild

I’ts been a while since I’ve been on this bus. A little high on cold meds, one too many of those back-of-the-counter Claritin D pills Ben told me to take, just waiting for a spot to open. That must be a metaphor, for something. I think. A fantastic blend of drugs, antibodies, weatherstuff and vulnerability might be the best time to have The Maccabees Given to the Wild be the soundtrack to your life.

It’s cold in San Francisco, well cold for my weak west coast skin. I’m not a man. It’s not damp though. My beard itches. Why the fuck do I have a beard? The album starts slow, ambient sounds, ethereal mood music, like the start of movie. Did someone whisper Oscar? I kid, this is good.

I think that cute girl up front checked me out. Or was she just letting me know with her eyes that she caught me. Forgot to be cool. Sinner. This fucking city, assholes, all of us. Vocals and plucky guitar strings. Melodrama and…horns?

Why am I on this bus again? Not well, physically, nor enthusiastic in any sort of emotional capacity. I’m connecting with the singer in that way. He’s got some sort of “I got a sad story to tell” tone, coupled with some melodic keys on the piano and an epic drum beat. Reminds me of whatever the indie version of adventure metal. Something’s open in the back. Should I just dangle by my arm and stare, or go for it? No, I need to prove a point, and adventure indie is perfect for snagging seats on public transportation.

Why am I wearing cologne? I don’t really smell like this. I’m fully engrossed in this album now. It should be playing. Sadness. Passive guitar and drums. Some ambient bullshit that lets me feel bad for myself. And there’s the guitar again pushing the tempo. These guys are really good at flipping the light switch on the sad bastard music and vocals.

Get off at Fillmore. Who shops at these places? Oh. At least you own these lights. Curb, toe, jump. And the music peaks. I’m somewhere in the middle I know that and it’s apparent that Given to the Wild understands the stop and go nature of this urban lifestyle, where random things take forever and everything is harder than it should be.

Perfect song, feels like track eight or nine, not going to look.

Oh yeah, the hookah place. Reappeared. Which birthday was it? 23, 24 – something like that. How do you un-erase something? Impossible. I’m starting to get the feeling someone in this band listened to U2 at some point. I guess we just have to accept that U2 exists in the world and that people were influenced. They are that huge. For fucks sake, stop imagining Bono.

I know I’m getting close, not just because the song makes it feel that way. Geary and Fillmore, disco high-hat.

Nothing at the Boom Boom Room. Cross the street. You’re early. This isn’t the song I want to complete my journey on anyway.

1. Given To the Wild [Intro]
2. Child
3. Feel To Follow
4. Ayla
5. Glimmer
6. Forever I’ve Known
7. Heave
8. Pelican
9. Went Away
10. Go
11. Unknown
12. Slowly One
13. Grew Up at Midnight

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