The Luyas @ Bootleg LA – 1-6-14 The Luyas @ Bootleg LA – 1-6-14

Trying to race through the polar vortex with four days nonstop driving from Montréal, the Luyas found a warm crowd at the Bootleg LA. The haze left from a cross continent drive might actually complement the Luyas’ ethereal energies. Somewhat of a magic trick lead songstress Jesse Stein and company manage on a consistent basis is delivering music that is omnipresent while simultaneously, consciously, distant. Live the Luyas have always been up to the challenge of re-imagining a heavily layered studio sound that’s drenched in synth, fuzzy strings, articulate percussion and seductive horns. On this night the sound felt as big as a chamber orchestra, yet the cozy setting of the venue had the vibe of a house show. That’s the enchantment the Luyas can cast, delivering an opus that still feels intimate to every listener.


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