The last word on Cokie the Clown The last word on Cokie the Clown

Cokie The Clown - SXSW 2010

Cokie The Clown - SXSW 2010

It’s time to declare a winner in the 200+ comment argument that broke out on our original post about Fat Mike’s performance as Cokie the Clown @ SXSW 2010. Everyone who called bullshit please redeem your tickets for a prize. Fat Wreck Chords has posted a video revealing that Mike did not feed members of his audience shots of piss tainted Patron tequila like he wanted everyone to believe. It is revealed by a second camera in the new video that the bottles were switched before Fat Mike took the stage.
So let the debate begin; prank, punk, shameless pub grab, or attempt to regain relevancy?

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  • Charles says:

    Great. Just…fucking…great. Once more, Fat Mike, assures his legions of adoring unwashed that they are a heaping pile of shit, offering nothing but cold currency to support his multimillion dollar homes, restaurants and musical insistence. Good GOD, do I wish GG were still alive to see this.