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I should warn you, before you engender to play The Jesus Lizard’s new live DVD/double LP Club, that by the time you get to “Monkey Trick” you will have found a way alienate half the people you’ve ever loved and totally fucking destroyed pretty much everything you own. You’ll definitely be sweating. You’ll certainly be drunk. You’ll probably be bleeding. You might also be in flames.

But that’s The Jesus Lizard, isn’t it?

Death defying. Genre defining. The be all, end all of rock and roll’s red virgin promise come back from the brink of venerated obscurity (I saw them fifteen years ago and you weren’t there, so can it) to make some money (David Yow estimates at the end of “Then Comes Dudley” that, with merch sales, they’d be netting something like $120K for the evening), throw back too many bourbons, slip on the old shit-kickers and knock your fucking teeth in.


Club is a document of The Jesus Lizard’s first performance in over a decade. Recorded live (with a clarity that was severely lacking both on Show and Lash) at the Exit/In in Nasheville in 2009, it includes all the highlights, hallmarks and hellfire that made The Jesus Lizard the best motherfucking band on the motherfucking planet: Duane Dennison’s Japanese psych inspired jazz virtuosity, David Wm. Sims and Mac McNeily’s incomparably propulsive polyrhythmic lunacy and David Yow.

Fucking David Yow.

There has never, EVER been a frontman like David Yow. Not Iggy Pop. Not Gibby Haynes. Not Nick Cave. Not GG Allin. Nobody. NOBODY has ever touched the dynamically frantic range that this man slurred, spit and howled while hurtling himself half-naked and wasted, neck first into a pack of frothing strangers time and time again from his teens and now nearing his fifty.*

He even tells jokes. In fact, the set opens with the following gag:

“What’s the difference between Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson? About five hours.”


The twenty-two tracks that follow rely heavily on the band’s Touch & Go material (with a few brief nods to the not all that awful, no matter what Steve Albini thinks, Shot) so it’s definitely The Jesus Lizard revitalizing their terrifying prime.

Though, having seen the band play live again shortly after this recording, I think it’s safe to say they never enjoyed anything other than full-on raging vitality. At least, not live. And I think that’s the problem with Club (and, I suppose, most live recording in general). The Jesus Lizard, though expertly recorded by Steve Albini for MANY years were always most present and threatening in the claustrophobia of a club setting. They were an all out attack. Sonically. Physically. Visually (tight ‘n shiny, anybody?). And yeah, this is a great recording – it’s onslaught is as present as anything they’ve ever released. And yeah, they play the hits (let’s just pretend that’s appropriate) – from “Puss” to “Nub” to “Blockbuster.” It’s still a bit of a disappointment because nothing on record can ever duplicate the very real danger of The Jesus Lizard experience. At best it play at poor imitation, crass metatext, gross simulacrum.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m just pissed it’s really all over again.


01 – Puss
02 – Seasick
03 – Boilermaker
04 – Gladiator
05 – Destroy Before Reading
06 – Mouthbreather
07 – Blue Shot
08 – Glamorous
09 – Killer McHann
10 – One Evening
11 – Then Comes Dudley
13 – Nub
14 – Blockbuster
15 – Monkey Trick
16 – 7 vs. 8
17 – Thumbscrews
18 – Fly on the Wall
19 – My Own Urine
20 – Dancing Naked Ladies
21 – Bloody Mary
22 – Wheelchair Epidemic

*I look forward to your comments.

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6 Responses about “The Jesus Lizard – Club”

  • solidjim says:

    I was in the front row of a Jesus Lizzard club show in 1993ish. Pressed right up against a slightly higher than waist high stage. David repeated bashed into all of us from the stage, literally kicking our asses with his sweat and whiskey-soaked body. It was fucking rock n roll as hell!

  • lesbian_billy says:

    i got to see this tour in boston. david dove over me, i was at the barricade, and almost cleared me. i say almost because i caught the toe of his cowboy boot in the back of my head when he came down. it was okay though, because it was david yow. anyone else would have been fucked.

  • G-Man says:

    BEST Motherfuckin’ band on the Motherfuckin’ planet-Motherfuckin’ RIGHT!

  • Charles says: