The Icarus Line Ready Slave Vows The Icarus Line Ready Slave Vows

There was a time not so long ago when The Icarus Line were primed to be the long pig savages of rock and roll. The good kind. The kind you could get high, fucked or killed to. The kind that screamed anarchy and fear in a shrill bombast of revolution frequency. And they were. Shit, they were so right on that even the endless cynicism of the boys at Buddyhead took notice of the band and gave their debut album Mono the kind of distribution it deserved. But something happened. The kids got soft and anger as energy was supplanted by sunglass ennui or, as singer Joe Cardamone opines “Rock’n’roll has been turned into this, like, Motley Crue charade, a parade of fucking dicks…It’s the 80s again.” And the 80s fucking sucked which is why the band is returning with Slave Vows. Out 7/16 on Agitated Records and created in a two month orgy of creativity after the bands’ recent sojourn with Killing Joke, Slave Vows promises to bring a little danger back to the tacit lives of all the pretty young things and make their fear a motherfucking party worth going straight to hell for. We don’t have a track listing or preview so please enjoy the video for “King Baby” off of 2011’s Wildlife while we wait for the mayhem to begin.

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