The Heligoats – Goodness Gracious The Heligoats – Goodness Gracious

The Heligoats - Goodness Gracious

This album has balls. That’s what I like about it. I mean, I like so much more; the melodies, the lyrics, the complementary sequence of songs, the singers voice – its all good. Literally. But sometimes having balls or playing music with a little extra gusto in the loin-area is what sets a band apart from all the other shaggy-haired, acoustic guitar playing indie rockers with weird lyrics. However, simply “having balls” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s some fist-pounding hardcore band with X’s everywhere and a nostalgic boner for random 80’s bullshit; the truth is, I can’t really define what “having balls” means. You just know it when you see it, or hear it. You must experience it. Balls that is.

The Heligoats’ Goodness Gracious took “dude singing with acoustic guitar and singing about feelings and shit” and gave it balls.

This is pretty much the very reason why I can’t get into Vampire Weekend. At all. They play music without balls. If the internet didn’t exist and I couldn’t just Google-image them in a second, my only visualization of Vampire Weekend would be of little asexual woodland centaurs, frolicking through the forest with their little harps, dainty hooves for feet and cardigan sweaters. Because that’s how I perceive them through their music; little hipster woodland eunuchs.

Which is exactly why I took to Goodness Gracious so quickly. Maybe it’s the upstrokes in the acoustic guitar or the lead singer, Chris Otepka’s strong and sincere voice or just the fact that it sounds like everyone in the band is playing hard. Like, literally hitting the drums and strumming the chords with passion, rather than gently caressing the instruments with their delicate rose petals.

Goodness Gracious isn’t just an enthusiastic sprint to the end either. The Heligoats have put together an album that ebbs and flows in tempo and mood; each song framing the next, working as either a building block for what’s to come, or a perfect contrast to what came before.

Track Listing:
1. Mercury
2. Guide to the Outdoors
3. Rubber Stopper
4. Fish Sticks
5. Watertowers on Fire
6. Florida Panther
7. Reasonable Doubt
8. Goodness Gracious
9. Heatvents

The Heligoats - Goodness Gracious, reviewed by Delicious on 2010-01-27T11:05:37-08:00 rating 4.2 out of 5

2 Responses about “The Heligoats – Goodness Gracious”

  • Charles says:

    BWAHAHAHAH!!! “little hipster woodland eunuchs”. Fuck man. FUCK!

  • Tom says:

    Your track listing order is wack, other than that all I can say is, “FUCK YEAH!!”