The Hate My Day Jobs @ Leftfield – 4.23.15 The Hate My Day Jobs @ Leftfield – 4.23.15


Miss M. doesn’t much like anything except for Beatle boots, BabyCakes, Rwandan puppies and me (sometimes) but goddamn if she isn’t shit hot for The Hate My Day Jobs. And I can’t really say that I blame her. The band’s new jam, Mouth on Fire is that rare thunder clap that drips hot sex and poetic agitation in equal measure like Gang of Four speed-balling The Jam while The Make Up swings their post-body beatific policy at The Cat Club to a thousand midnight spacemen frothing rock and roll as survival mechanism and so yeah, I’m shit hot too. This glass city is a dying scene, desperate for swagger and The Day Jobs have it to swing. Hell, they all but melted the paint off the walls of Leftfield when they tore ass through their last Thursday, riding us reckless with their wrecking ball testimony. Straight apex predator. You can dig pictures from that gig and stream their new salvation bangers, below. Rockit.

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