The Happy Hollows – Video and Interview The Happy Hollows – Video and Interview

The Happy Hollows - Spells

The Happy Hollows - Spells

The Happy Hollows like to straddle the line between noise pop and indie rock. Their debut LP Spells (due out October 6th 2009) is an incredible album that stands out in a time where artists seem all too comfortable blending in. Spells is available early online through bandcamp at

Even though Spells can stand on its own merit I don’t think you fully appreciate what the Happy Hollows are trying to accomplish until you see them live. Be forewarned however once you catch the Hollows perform you’ll be going back for seconds and thirds shortly. The first thing to catch you at the live shows will undoubtedly be rock starlet Sarah Negahdari who is both the lead vocalist and guitarist for the Hollows. Sarah sums up her performance perfectly, “Dang’ I got balls!” Even though Sarah is undoubtedly the attention getter, the strongest part of The Happy Hollow’s performances are the cohesiveness of the band as a whole (Charles Mahoney – Bass, Synth, Vocals & Chris Hernandez – Drums) and their ability to pump out a full wall of sound with only 3 people.

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