The Happy Hollows – Spells The Happy Hollows – Spells

The Happy Hollows - Spells

The Happy Hollows - Spells

The Happy Hollows are releasing an everlasting gobstopper for their debut LP “Spells” due out in early October. It’s a quick burst of sweet. Then memories of summers from your childhood swirl around. The types of summers where all you wanted was nothing, and the world was so effortless that it seemed as though the rest of the rat race existed simply to validate your lifestyle.

As the first layer becomes a distant memory you’re tricked into emerging from your arrested development too soon. Like a snake gazing upon layer and layer of its former self, you try and gain perspective on what is socially accepted as growth; in your reality it’s closer to atrophy. Your once evenly sugar coated demeanor is now filled with cracks allowing the true colors of what the future will bring to peek through mockingly. And you’re a thicket, wrought with discord over the maddeningly inconsistent texture. At first your candy was carnival sweet, but that’s fleeting. Now you’ve become so desensitized to the flavor that you’re resigned to become a spectator to your own story.

You always thought that the moment you decided to steer your own ship would be prolific. It would be surrounded by lap harps and gentle wind instruments. Yet here you are and it’s closing in on you. So large it obscures the light, engulfed by wet darkness you have to use its heat to determine proximity. Face to face you’re inches from the beast’s black dog gums, overflowing with a wreckage of buzz saws where teeth should be. Confronted with your looming mortality you should be paralyzed with fear, yet it’s the warm embrace of purpose that greets you. This is what it must feel like to breathe after a bloodthirsty, godless sea, holds you under for a perceived eternity.

The Happy Hollows’ “Spells” are smelling salts to revive you from a concussed life. Like gentle waters that quickly run rapid with swells of chaos, soon to subside from which they came. Framed in strife, only during the absence of the turbulence can the majesty of its serenity be absorbed.

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The Happy Hollows are:
Sarah Negahdari
Charles Mahoney
Chris Hernandez

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