The Great GoogaMooga Preview – Brews The Great GoogaMooga Preview – Brews

Ed. Note – We are well aware (and, in our own way, appreciative) of the prevalence of extraordinary wineries featured at the Great GoogaMooga and would love to speak extensively to their tannins and merits, etc. but we’re beer guys here at Pinpoint and wine tends to give Charles gas.

Ed. Note 2 – The photos contained in this article are, again, in no way directly related to any of the institutions described herein. They are, in fact, of the band Beer & Cable with whom Charles once “enjoyed” 144 beers.

Tuesday, we talked music. Thursday, we talked nosh.

Today we’re talking beer.

You know, the good stuff. A beverage I know and love and revel in as if it were my own flesh and blood if my own flesh and blood made me funnier, sexier and totally the most awesome fucking guy to be around forever.

Seriously, though…I love beer.

So does GoogaMooga since they’ll be featuring 29 breweries. I don’t know if all the libations described below will be offered this weekend but it’d be a goddamn shame if they weren’t.

Drink up.

21st Amendment Brewery – I’m a huge fan of their Back in Black IPA which, I will admit, is not for everyone. Black IPAs are peculiar beasts that, if brewed poorly, give one the sensation that their eyeballs have been cracked open and their lungs are filled with shame. Not BIB, though. With a curt aroma and a bitter, smacking end this beer offers the drinker an experience that imbues them with a sense that they are a man not with whom to be fucked.

Anchor Brewing – I’m not always such a big fan of Anchor Steam. Their beers tend to err towards the malty which is fine in small doses but can quickly leave the mouth feeling like it’s been ravaged by day old peasant bread. Not the Humming Ale, however. The Humming Ale is bright and citrusy and reliant on dry hops which adds a lovely bite to a dreamy Spring libation.

Bear Republic – These kids do bitters like nobody’s business. IPAs are the name of their game. Their bread and butter. Their Raison d’etre. Couldn’t recommend their Hop Rod Rye any more strongly. It’s won Gold at several beer festivals and mans up the traditional IPA with a good dose of spice. Not bullshit spice, either. I’m talking RYE!

Blue Moon – I enjoy Blue Moons commercials much more than I do the beer they proffer though, full disclosure, I do not manage wheat beers well. If you do (and more power to you) then Blue Moon is pretty much your safest go to. Their Spring seasonal is a Blonde Wheat. I always preferred brunettes.

Brooklyn Brewery – I am glad our home town boys are finally getting the national recognition they deserve (even though, for many years, they brewed most of their beers upstate). Brooklyn Lager is fucking everywhere. I find it a little murky, however, and recommend you skip right over that shit and go straight for the Gold Standard: a crisp, floral unfiltered lager that owes it’s debt to the Czechs and their love of gardens and steins.

The Bruery – I’m pretty sure we tried this beer at the drunken, face-splitting, blackout lovely shitshow that was the TAP NY Beerocalypse. I’m pretty sure I had the Saison Rue which is a farmhouse ale brewed with rye and confident I didn’t like it. Might have even poured it out. Granted, this was likely, beer number 40 so my senses were dulled, but…um…I forgot.

Captain Lawrence – Another microbrew that’s enjoying increased popularity thanks to the remarkable drinkability of their Liquid Gold. A Belgian Style ale that asks nothing of the drinker but that they sit back and forget themselves a while.

Carton Brewery – What the hell? There’s a New Jersey brewery that I’ve never heard of nor have had the pleasure to enjoy to great regret? FOR SHAME! I’ve developed quite a taste for Ryes recently, so you know my ass is all over the Red Rye Returning. Besides, it sounds kinda ominous, doesn’t it? MWAHAHAHA!!!

Empire Brewing – I’ve had the Live and Let Rye and was pretty unimpressed. They do have something called an Aphrodisiac Ale which they tell me is a Scottish Golden Ale enhances with honey, ginger and lavender and guarantees totally not disappointing sex after a day of drunk gorging in the sun.

Full Sail – I’m a little confused as to whether Full Sail is just Full Sail or if they are also Session Lagers or if it’s all one big, wonderful symbiotic drinking experience. If they are Sessions, then I highly recommend the Black Lager, an intensely drinkable beverage that hints of roasted chocolate while never overfilling or feeling mealy.

Green Flash Brewing – There’s something about West Coast beers that just knock people on their ass. Maybe it’s the magnetic pull of the Pacific Ocean. Maybe it’s the Crips. I don’t know, man but I’ve had my fair share of Green Flash and it has always been MOST effective. Drink Le Freak. Fuck it.

Greenport Harbor – These brewers are trouble. I can say, without hyperbole, that I haven’t tried a single on of their beverages that didn’t rub me all kinds of right. They’re complicated without being fussy. They have a deep love of hops and a keen knowledge of just how much alcohol you can consume without actually being killed. Try ANY of their IPAs.

Harviestoun – There’s a mouse in my beer! There’s a beer in my mouse! Seriously, though, their logo is a mouse and that’s all I know about these brewers from Clackmannanshire (make them say it drunk) other than they appear to offer something called Ola Dubh which is a dark ale aged in Highland Park barrels. You want flavor? Here’s your doom.

Ithaca Beer Co. – Decent beers offered here. Nothing remarkable but all reasonably tasty if not goddamn delicious. Actually, their winter seasonals – Cold Front and Gorges Smoked Porter – are exceptional additions to any glum, grey day. Year round, I enjoy the Cascazilla. A little bitter, a little sweet, a lot red. Easy pickings for an every day.

Jever – Pilsner. German. I always think it’s either non-alcoholic or Balantine’s. I am usually wrong.

Kelso of Brooklyn – This beer always almost has it together but always juuuuust somehow misses the mark. I mean, it’s decent. All their offerings have a great basic flavor profile but the lack a certain pizzazz that would elevate them above the seemingly endless array of microbrews roaming the streets today. I can often be found taking a Nut Brown with a burger as a dark compliment to my budding fat.

Magic Hat – Dogfish Head for the more pedestrian set. Their Number 9 is a wheat beer brewed with Apricots and is all sorts of nightmarish to my digestive tract. Their Black IPA tastes like burning motor oil. Their Summer Beet Beer is surprisingly delicious but should only be consumed in small quantities unless you enjoy having frightening urine.

Mahr’s Braeu – This might just be my Google Translate failing but they appear to offer a beer called Hell. They are German. YOU WILL DRINK ZEM!

Pretty Things – You know I hate some precious, right? And this brewery reads all sorts of cute and fucking GGGRRRRNNNNNNNN!!!! Still and all their American Darling is all sorts of simply delicious high alcohol/low murk Lager and is, incidentally, one of they few they offer that is unfiltered.

Schneider Weisse – More fun with Google Translate. More man’s mans (and womans [‘s?]) beer from Germany with more varieties than I had imagined. Get in your lederhosen on and maybe you’ll get lucky.

Reissdorf Kolsch – Kolsch. German. Pattern.

Rodenbach – If my research is correct (don’t judge me) Rodenbach is an oak-aged beer of Belgian descent that has a sour/fruity flavor. Hmmmmm. I think I might have had this before and it was pretty tasty but sour beers are fucking weird.

Sly Fox – Try the Pils. Everyone seems to love the Pils. I know I’ve had Sly Fox on several occasions but can’t, for the life of me, remember what the fuck any of their many brews taste like. Good, I guess? I don’t know. Just drink it.

Smuttynose Brewing – Though I have DEFINITELY met a Smuttynose that I didn’t like (this fucking cherry fucking thing that I bought on account of the box and my friends made fun of me for months) most of their beers are well made and easily paired with any type of living. I like to drink the Star Island Single because they sell it with mermaids.

Southhampton Publick House – Much like Kelso, Southhampton never quite make the mark with me. I suppose if I’m going to go in for an easy, everyman beverage I’ll just stick with the Ol’ Red and White.

Saranac – Not really great beer like they’d lead you to believe. It’s not bad. Kinda tastes like it spends its nights crocheting in the North Woods. Looks like they’ve started making a Rye IPA, though. That shit better not be a disappointment.

Thornbridge – I think I had a fair amount of their Cask Beers when I was in England a few years ago. They were good though shamed because only grumpy old men drink Cask Beers in England. Have the Brother Rabbit with some Matlock.

Uinta – Suckers for typography with a good sense of Americana graphics, Uinta (which I have no interest in learning to pronounce) make a quality array of beers including the (seemingly) dreaded Baba Black Lager. I don’t know why people are so afraid of black beer. The abyss doesn’t always look back, you know.

Woodchuck Hard Cider – The first sip is sweet, the rest taste like onions.

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