The Great GoogaMooga – Lost Dispatch The Great GoogaMooga – Lost Dispatch

Several weeks ago, Pinpoint sent Charles to go cover The Great GoogaMooga expecting him to return in short time with a comprehensive report on the “amusement park of food and drink” which featured 75 food vendors, 35 breweries, 30 wineries and 20 bands.

What we received instead were several rambling “missives” (Charles’ word, not ours) that read more like a series of dope sick letters from Tangiers than anything that might – even loosely – construe a review. The first “submission” (we use the term kindly) was a three page “reliquary” (again, Charles) for someone named Luis who – apparently – had a very bad year in 1976. The second meticulously detailed his aunt’s career as a sign language interpreter, the death of his grandmother and the selling of the house in which he lost his virginity. The third was just a series of quotes from Tim Gunn, underlined furiously and amended with the post script “SEEEEE?!?!?!?!?!”

After that, things really went to hell but – due to a series of ongoing investigations – we, at Pinpoint Music, are unwilling or unable to discuss it.

What we can tell you is that, due to the intrepid (and totally legal) action of our very own Kaptain Carbon, we are finally able to piece together the following photographic archive*. It is, admittedly, incomplete but the DA was very clear on certain things.

*All photographic “notes” were taken from several dozen pink Post-its recovered from the scene and obtained by Pinpoint Music via the Freedom of Information Act.

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  • According to the last known wishes of Sir Mortimer Charles Barrister III, these photos are now apart of public record. The audio tapes sent to the Pinpoint offices, however, have been destroyed at the wishes of the family.

    As for the land deed which was paper clipped to the photographs, our records indicate that it is not a legal document rather just a copy of a deed written by Daniel Boone in 1780. All of the places listed in the document are hypothetical countries which have either long been submerged or never existed outside of folk tales. The seal also appears to be made out of dried candy.

  • Charles says:

    (comment redacted)

  • rowe says:

    seed bombs sound awesome