The Great GoogaMooga Preview – Bands The Great GoogaMooga Preview – Bands

The Great GoogaMooga is coming and NYC is buzzing like bats at the prospect of two full (and friggin’ FREE if you were some of the few who managed to snag a ticket in the fifteen minutes they were available [or, if you are a true Park Slope Grand Gourmand (which, if you can afford to live in “the Slope” now, you might be) and feel like burning $250 for the Extra Mooga experience (which we will not be previewing since we’ve never been VIPs at anything, really)]) days of food, drink and Peelander Z opening for Hall and Oates.

You know, awesome.

There are 19 bands, 75 food vendors, 15 wineries and 29 breweries who’ll all be vying for your attention in Prospect Park this weekend so, like we always try and do when facing a festival onslaught, we’ll be offering a brief (and, hopefully) informative breakdown of every damn thing happening.

Today we’ll talk about music.

Now, we know that Jonathan Mayers was recently quoted in the New York Times as saying “The spotlight is really on the food, the chefs, the wine. Music will complement it, but those are the stars of the show.” And the ratio would certainly indicate a predilection for drunks and noshing but we’re a music site, man. We cover what we know.

So here’s the down low.

Saturday – 5/19

Fort Lean – These shit bleach burned blonde shimmer kids play the lovey dovey sunshine stuff ala Drums or Surfer Blood or what I thought Girls were going to sound like before I was reminded that I don’t really like the Beach Boys and I like cultish imitations even less. I always question the reason for dirtbag bands to play all pretty. Is it a Beatles thing? Is it a Stones reversal? I bet this’ll be nice at noon.

Unchained “The Mighty Van Halen Tribute” – Whatever, dude. You’re just jealous this isn’t you.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – I always almost want to hate this cute/creep/psych shit but there’s something that seems just the least bit legitimate about Unkown Mortal Orchestra. I know Lemon likes them. He’s also hot for Grimes so he might be nullified as she’ll shift into obsolescence soon (anyone still listening to Fever Ray?). Ahem. Anyway. This sounds like decent enough music to eat to. Perhaps someone’s drunk dad’ll dance.

Bear Hands – Oh, right. I can never tell whether or not I like this band. Sometimes, that dude’s voices just makes me want to burn down an orphanage. Other times (as in the clip below) it has all the 80s/90s taut closet dancing fiber that I pretend real hard not to love the fuck out of (though not for very long) at pretty, callow lipstick bars.

Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens – I’m ashamed to admit that I am not that sold on the new love affair with gospel soul but I really don’t have anything disparaging to say about it because when it’s delivered right and true it rattle the bones right out of you. Naomi Shelton’s been around and I’m confident her Gospel Queens will bring the fucking house down.

The Pedro Martinez Group – Latin music is the sound of NYC summer. Has been for all the twenty years I’ve lived here and will be when I finally get fed up and get all ghost up in Canadia. I’m not a huge fan since my ass only seems to know how to dance at 5am while blasting Big Freedia for new friends in Texas and even then I bet my hips were lying.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band – One day, I’ll be New Orleans and though my life will never sound quite like this I’d like it played at my pyre.

Holy Ghost! – It’s dance music, man. Pretty. Sweaty. Probably make out.

The Roots – Right now, these guys are probably the best live band on the planet. Seriously. They play every fucking night. They played with Public Enemy. ?uestlove is everyone’s favorite tweeting drummer afro. Hip Hop with heart and soul and a terrifying amount of ability. A great way to fatten a Saturday night.

Sunday – 5/20

Lucius – Hot damn. This is not what I was expecting at all. Good. Real good. Powerful lonesome lady country duets that are shamefully belied by ironic staches and stupid outfits. Still, this shit is almost heavenly or it would be if heaven had a broken heart. Get up early for this one.

We Barbarians – Solid rhythm and a rough or reverb guitar. Classic kinder indie rock. A timeless sound for college kids gazing longingly out rainy windows for all the love they’ve left behind. Sniff. Not my first choice for the day time but I think it might be kind of awesome.

Peelander Z – AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Dude. Seriously. You don’t EVEN fucking know.

Lez Zeppelin – All girls. All Zeppelin. For eight years now.

Escort – What the fuck is a disco orchestra?

Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires – Aaaaaaaaaw, SNAP! Ben’s gonna be so goddamn jealous. Mr. Bradley’s No Time for Dreaming was Pinpoint’s top album of 2011. Soul, baby. Fire and pain.

Fitz and the Tantrums – Holy shit, does this dude sound like Daryl Hall but the band’s a little funkier than Oates.

Daryl Hall and John Oates – NOT Hall & Oates. I don’t know what the difference is and I’m pretty sure they won’t play those 80s hits but, man, wouldn’t it just be fucking AWESOME if they did?

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