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“Reggae had sex with metal, punk got in the mix and ska videotaped it all.  Then out pooped The Expendables.”  That’s how The Expendables describe their own music and there is no better way of summing up both the music and the band.  Cleanly blending a variety of genres and serving up a unique overall sound, The Expendables offer a little bit of something for everyone without suffering the genre-schizophrenia that undermines many such endeavors.  Their music is often categorized as ‘California Reggae’, which is clearly not for everyone.  While not entirely inaccurate, that label falls far short (as most labels do) of accurately illustrating the range of vibes that can be found in an Expendables album, or an Expendables song for that matter.  Most songs hold to a base layer of smooth reggae rhythm yet manage to move seamlessly through driving punk refrains, heavy metal riffs, dueling guitar solos then tie everything back into a mellow reggae chorus.  Whether you’re raging at a party, getting amped to surf or smoking a joint on the beach, the Expendables can fit the occasion.
Originating in 1997 as high school sophomores in Santa Cruz, CA, The Expendables started out playing cover songs at high school parties where they built a loyal fan base.  After high school they began playing at colleges throughout California and quickly expanded their following as surfers, skaters, beach bums and party animals alike found something irresistible in their music.  In 2000, after a few member changes, they released their debut album No Time To Worry.  Now, 8 years later, The Expendables release their latest album, which testifies that they are still getting better.  Following their previous, and arguably most successful album Getting’ Filthy, this self-titled album brings to the table everything that fans loves about The Expendables plus cleaner vocals and technically matured musical talent.  Possibly the strongest testament to the band’s commitment to organic production and purveyance of their music is the fact that, until this album, they have acquired all equipment and accomplished all albums and tours without a booking agent or record label.  Prior to producing their self-titled album The Expendables signed with Stoopid Records and are under the management of Silverback Music along with Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, The Beautiful Girls, Rebelution, Iration and several other highly successful bands.  

The Point: Even if Cali-Reggae isn’t your cup of tea, their self-titled album is certainly worth a check.  It’s like a drunken beach party in your ears.


Track Listing:

1. One More Night

2. Keep It Up

3. STD

4. Down, Down, Down

5. Take A Ticket

6. Paper Chains

7. Sacrifice

8. Swampy

9. War Cry

10. Let Loose

11. Not Gonna Fade

12. Minimum Wage

13. Nasty

14. Wide Awake

15. Ganja Smugglin’

16. Burning Up

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