The Cool Kids – Gone Fishing The Cool Kids – Gone Fishing

The Cool Kids - Gone Fishing

The Cool Kids - Gone Fishing

What the fuck does mixtape mean anymore? Apparently it’s not just a compilation of songs from various artists put together to express how you were feeling when you’re girlfriend broke up with you in the summer of ’98.
To promote the upcoming release of their second album, titled “When Fish Ride Bicycles”, the hip hop duo have collaborated with producer Don Cannon to give listeners a compilation of various songs put together to express how they were feeling a few months before their album came out, in the spring of 2009 – and it’s really good too. (Not only is it good, they’re giving it to us for free here)

“The Cool Kids” have developed a minimalist sound that regularly consists of nonchalant, almost conversational-like rhymes over a simple drum beat and not much else. “Gone Fishing”, however, adds subtleties that give it a pretty dope flair, hinting that “The Cool Kids” have a lot more talent to drop in their upcoming releases.

All of this promise and optimism that “The Cool Kids” give us on “Gone Fishing” is almost completely ruined by the producer, Don Cannon, who shouts his name relentlessly throughout the whole thing, like he’s trying to win an award at the “shitbag rap producer conference” next month.
Nevertheless, this mixtape is extremely listenable from beginning to end, only momentarily slipping up around track 15 with a brief lapse in interest, mine and theirs. Lookout for a pretty aggro cameo by Ludacris on the track titled “Pennies” and a few possible hints of what’s to come from “The Cool Kids”; adding a few ambient samples to their signature sound on “Weekend Girls” and “Summer Vacations”.

Track Listing:

Introduction to Ice Fishing
Hammer Brothers
Gold Links
Premium Blends
Step Back
Jump Rope
The Last Stretch
The Art of Noise interlude
The Light Company
Wise Words by GLC
Pennies (the updated rosters Remix)
Broadcasting Live
Taking A Break interlude
Tune Up
Weekend Girls interlude
Summer Vacations
Words of Wisdom by GLC (contd.)
Knocked Down

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