The Cavalera Conspiracy @ The Regency Ballroom – 5.3.15 The Cavalera Conspiracy @ The Regency Ballroom – 5.3.15

Cavalera Conspiracy

Ed. Note: I know Roots was a long time ago, but I will also imagine the Cavalera Brothers as two behemoths caked in ochre, howling some ancient truth to power from deep within the burning jungle. Larger than life. As inspired as they are terrifying. And I’d wager they’re okay with that (though I’m sure Max would rather me think fonder of Soulfly) because these cats are METAL, man and metal should be ride high on the shoulders of giants. I know Mr. Todd thinks so because he was all about covering The Cavalera Conspiracy when it rolled its leviathan racket through the bay area last week. Sure, his evidence might suggest that the band is made more of men than beasts but don’t let the skin suits fool you. There’s real, primal wild at work here. Now please dig, if you will, these pictures.

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