The Casket Girls – True Love Kills the Fairy Tale The Casket Girls – True Love Kills the Fairy Tale

The Casket Girls - True Love Kills the Fairy Tale (2014)

The Casket Girls – True Love Kills the Fairy Tale (2014)

Ed. Note: There’s no hope in dope.

So, I took this pill a couple of hours ago to help with some something or other that I’d rather not explain too explicitly at the moment but it’s working which is great because that’s what pills are supposed to do and that also means the unnamable issue that was plaguing me all day is presently moot which is also great because there’s just so goddamn much to do except instead of doing anything assertive from this ever-growing list of musts and needs I’m listening to The Casket Girls and having a cigarette while sitting very much the fuck down because – and here’s the bitch of the thing – I’ve just finished an adult beverage having forgotten that I’d taken said pill on account of it working so swiftly and efficaciously which is kind of a bad thing because this pill and that emptied Bud there on my nightstand don’t necessarily make the merriest of forward or coherent progress.

So, yeah, I guess you could say I was a little high, which doesn’t happen all that often if at all because weed and hashish (other narcotics determining different adjectives) don’t agree with me and that makes me very sad because settling into a soft joint to close a hard day just seems a picture of the East Side top soil perfection I always wanted for me and my records.

Not that I’m actually that kind of high or even any really great (or even good) high the likes of which would warrant repeat offenses. I feel much more like a moth lost in a winter of angora or a cat in a top hat riding a hot air balloon like a champagne moustache. I kinda have to take a shit or rather really would rather prefer to. I want a pretzel. I think the Casket Girls are beautiful but would be so much cooler if they were varsity hockey dudes speaking their truths to winsome doom in the finest of alabaster toupees and sunglasses torn from the pages of aged Italian snuff films.

Cooler, sure. But still pretty goddamn fine on their own secret twin death power tryst. I remember giving a shit about them last year, right about this time only much later, chugging coffee to keep me alive after three days and twelve hours of SXSW (I think The Tijuana Panthers were there) and failing for the comfort of a cab ride back to light and ice and chips of the grotesque regional variety and I suppose I’m a little bummed because this new record of theirs, True Love Kills the Fairy Tale is the kind of sweeping, dreaming half life rice paper palimpsest that would have lulled me to a perfectly panicked sleep on my feet miles from my inflatable mattress.

Actually, it might have been a conscious decision.

If I remember correctly – and I probably don’t – the band was set to play at 2am and I knew that if I forsook the easy way out to watch two girls whisp and croon about love (unrequited or otherwise) and loss or the body, illogical to a digital backbeat and a smart-armed noise waves and melodious white overtures I might actually have had to kill myself.

And my suicide was not meant for Texas.

True Love Kills the Fairy Tale Tracklist:
01. Same Side
02. Day to Day
03. Chemical Dizzy
04. Ashes and Embers
05. True Love Kills the Fairy Tale
06. Secular Love
07. Holding You Back
08. Stone and Rock
09. Perfect Little Soul
10. The Chase

The Casket Girls - True Love Kills the Fairy Tale, reviewed by Charles on 2014-02-13T03:49:58-08:00 rating 3.4 out of 5

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