The Bright Light Social Hour @ Stubb’s – 3.27.15 The Bright Light Social Hour @ Stubb’s – 3.27.15


Ed. Note: Oh, Ms. Maggie…where on earth do you find the constitution? It’s been less than a week since SXSW tore ass through Austin and, already, you’re out and about making magic from this mortal coil of camera, art and consequence and, though we’re grateful, of course, to you for capturing this Bright Light Social Hour happening before the band turns heel to make the space race real again for the day-trippers, avant vents and all around goodniks who keep their hair long and their heels high and just want to party bright on the flat circle of time, we’re more than a touch intimidated by your stamina. But that’s to be expected, isn’t it? Old men always quake at the prospect of bones kept whole by hope. Sober (HA!) considerations aside, this Bright Light enterprise seems like a choice scene for head kicks and hot licks alike so please dig, if you will, her pictures.

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