The Avett Brothers – I and Love and You The Avett Brothers – I and Love and You

The Avett Brothers - I and Love and You

The Avett Brothers - I and Love and You

The Avett Brothers were recently on the David Letterman show playing the title song “I and Love and You,” off of their new album. Non-related scandal from the show put aside, for most musicians this is quite an accomplishment. The brothers have played music all their lives, and are now home to many of our car radios and digital MP3 players. Signed with their first major record deal in 2008, Seth and Scott Avett, along with bassist Bob Crawford; have entered into the music scene comparable to a young Cat Stevens. Their newest album, I and Love and You, is a wonderful collaboration of genres, borrowing musical qualities from country to rock, and creating a bluegrass phenomenon. The Avett Brothers’ music has a real personal feel that derives from the simple desires, and heavy transitions of the stories within their lyrics. The songwriting is written with naked feeling; they sing of inner dilemmas that you would tell a friend in confidence.

The Avett Brothers’ past Album, Emotionalism was the rough draft to what has now been created. A purely harmonious Album, that is crisper, stronger and still not disgustingly mainstream. One of the best characteristics of I and Love and You is that it’s not a repetitive album. “Kick Drum Heart” makes you smile at the innocence in a catchy upbeat way, whereas “January Wedding” signifies romanticism often lost in pop culture. Then you get “The Perfect Space” which is just a rollercoaster of sound that takes you in one direction, and whirls you in another with a passionate outburst of melody. It is not just the lyrics and melody, but the instrumental emphasis and ornamentation that have a smooth, varied undertone as well.

The incorporation of the piano in I and Love and You compared to previous albums takes a little away from the twangy back porch feel, but adds dept. The key is to keep the irresistible banjo around. In songs like “The Laundry Room,” the whole last minute of the song is dedicated to pure aesthetic sound. I’m interested to see where The Avett Brothers go, and if they sell out. All to often you get a creative band that ditches their artistic originality to get big.

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  • Chris Fowler says:

    As a music nerd myself, I must say not a bad review bootsie. And I read a lot of music reviews. Good seeing you today.