The Antlers – Live @ El Rey 6/3/11 The Antlers – Live @ El Rey 6/3/11

I had this Antlers @ The El Rey show on my calendar ever since I missed them unveil their new album Burst Apart @ SXSW 2011 by playing it in its entirety at the NPR stage. We just finished covering Sasquatch 2011 this week and when Antlers played that festival their set list was heavily biased towards their first release Hospice. That Sasquatch set list would have definitely left me unsatisfied because although I really liked Hospice I LOVE the new album Burst Apart. It’s hard to put the proper amount of gravity behind that statement because Hospice was one of Pinpoint’s 2009 albums of the year, and Burst Apart is just on a higher level.

Pictures of The Antlers @ El Rey 6-3-11

Pictures By Ben Irwin

I’m going to be publishing my Burst Apart review soon so I’m going to keep all my colorful descriptions for it out of this live review but for those who caught the show you got something special. I’ve seen the Antlers a handful of times now and although they are always splendid their shows aren’t always inspiring. This night at the El Rey however was enchanted. The new songs off Burst Apart were featured heavily throughout the set and they injected a sense of urgency to the show that just wasn’t there while touring on Hospice. It translated live in a way that had people both shoegazing and outright dancing to the same songs, something that’s an accomplishment when playing to the arms crossed, show me something, LA crowd.

After a nice 90 minute set the Antlers came out with about 15 minutes more for the encore, and sent the crowd home with the two biggest songs off Hospice “Two” and “Wake”. If you get a chance to see these guys at any venue then do it, but if you get a chance to see them at a 800 person venue like the El Rey than plant yourself upfront for something spiritual.

The Antlers Setlist – El Rey 6-3-11:
No Widows
I Don’t Want Love
French Exit – (Listed as Snarf??)
Rolled Together
Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out
Putting The Dog To Sleep


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