Tera Melos – Patagonian Rats Tera Melos – Patagonian Rats

Tera Melos - Patagonian Rats

I’m looking at you, Weezer. You and your goddamn Half-Japanese girls (Was it Jad Fair
worship? Was it Gyaru lust?). Your soft shell, honeydew harmonies. Your songs about
the fucking sun and dreams and whatever the hell it is that would drive a successful and
once respected artist to write a song called “Pork and Beans.”

Your hands are all over this record. Your tunefulness and infuriatingly need pop
sensibilities. They’re just dripping from the wax that once held the kind of headache
NOTE!NOTE!NOTE! dynamics that’d make Neil Pert kill the band for a 4/4 structure
now and then.

It’s not your fault, I know. You’re just a bunch of guys doing your thing. Sometimes
that’s a good thing. Sometimes it just makes us sick. But after all these years since the
first self-titled record (Seriously, who are you? Chicago?) you’ve grown into a mainstay
of popular culture.

I just never thought I’d see the day that I could riff check the makers of “Surf Wax
America” (How fucking AMAZING is that song?).

But here it is and I’ll raise my glass because it’s much better to hear people lament the
passing of an album called Drugs to the Dear Youth than the sepia simp fest that was
Pinkerton (Oh, get over it, already).

And, you know, calm is nice now and then. A little something to relate to. Simple segues
for simple minds who scorn Top 40 but still love the radio wedged comfortably in
abbreviating headfuck that might once have been known as skramz.

MIT music.

Here and there and everywhere at once and whatever hook existed for a short breath
fucked off for the time signature shifting entry into the event horizon (goddamn right, it’s
a bumpy ride).

Not angry always, but ever aggressive. Furious Fugazi for those who eat lightning and
shit cold fusion.

It’s all terribly confusing.

Tera Melos - Patagonian Rats, reviewed by Charles on 2010-08-27T10:00:15-07:00 rating 3.3 out of 5

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