Temples @ Roxy 4-15-14 Temples @ Roxy 4-15-14

Photos by Ben Irwin


Ed. Note: The older I get, the more I wish that I’d made psilocybin a part of my psychic diet. I have such fond memories from college. Vikings and stars and pretty girls dancing around the goth club like wrought angels spinning black roses for me. Ah, youth. But I chose booze and meat and nicotine (legal, yes…but so jingoistic and passé) so long ago the very notion of taking an earth-first trip to my uncarved center gives me the vapors. Such is vice, friends. At least, I’ve got the space race of modern English psychedelia to keep me dreaming the still wave. Ben gets it. That’s why he hauled his ass out on a Tuesday to bask in the lush (dis)order of Temples and reported back with the following evidence of their time bent wonder haze. And though we’re all more than a little jealous we know better than to cry foul or folly because, deep down, we are all our own light brigade, right? Right. Now dig, if you will, his pictures.

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