Tape Wyrm XXXVIII: Recent Releases Tape Wyrm XXXVIII: Recent Releases

Alright. Show is over. Everyone leave. Fuck. Look at the time. It’s mid-February. Enough being hazy headed from the end of the year, it’s time to stop lollygagging and get back into whatever swing you were in and get going. Go on. Get moving. No more rubbernecking. Back to the grind ladies and gentleman. The name of the game is recent metal and I expect some amazing releases in the future. Already we have had a frightening Portal record and by the look of it, I can hazard a guess a couple more will give us a run for our money. Jesus, how many working class colloquialisms and mundane vernacular can I possibly fit into this opening paragraph? If you got time to lean, you got time to clean.


361238Darkthrone – The Underground Resistence

And Darkthrone sneaks in at the 11th hour. That´s alright Darkthrone, go straight to the front of the line. Unlike most new black metal acts, which challenge and deconstruct the genre, Darkthrone has the unique position to be a part of an older generation and thus allowed to run around like an old codger hitting on young ladies and making inaaporpirate remarks about her breasts. The band, since the early 90’s, have released a consistent yet odd series of albums embracing elements not typical of their peers. Crust punk, first wave black metal, sardonic humor all make their way into Darkthrones’s spell book, which is actually just a binder with loose leaf papers shoved inside. What now Darkthrone? How about traditional heavy metal with a strong influence of Mercyful Fate? I think the theme of this article is going to be “why not.” In December of last year, I made a resolution to “get more into Darkthrone.” I know it is sort of silly to say that but I am glad I have such an easy and fantastic album to help me towards my goal.


358442Hate – Solarflesh

Alright Poland. Let’s fucking do this. If one is familiar with the Polish blackened death metal band Behemoth, Hate, will not be that far of a distance traveled. In fact, I think these two live on the same block. In fact, this block scares the living shit out of me. It’s covered from street corner to street corner with goat carcasses. It smells awful. Hate, also from Poland, does a tremendous job at bringing a dynamic and cinematic brand of death metal that swirls, dips, and dives through fathoms of earth and rubble. Their sound, which is abrasive, manages to make itself accessible for people wanting to drop down tiers of brutality. I mean where else are you going to hear soaring guitar solos and the exploitative use of “ov” in place of the common preposition? Nowhere I tell you. The flies. The flies are the worse at the intersection of Hate and Behemoth.


361090Lightning Swords of Death

It is times like this where I feel that I needed to be informed of a band’s existence long before this time. Lightning Swords of Death are a black/thrash band from Los Angeles with a high sense of fashion as well as a devotion to evil. Everything I said in that last sentence is reason enough to buy this record. In lieu of traditional song structures, the band heavily leans on atmosphere and attitude in music that sounds like a sled ride down the devil’s mountain. Does it work? Well, take a look at this video with the band wearing sunglasses flanked by naked cult members and then talk to me. Lightning Swords of Deaths took me by surprise and very much are strengthened by their self aware aesthetic of evil. Take this and combine it with a pretty advanced mixture of black/death and one has a fun band for the not so faint of heart. Even stripped to its core, the band’s sound is engaging and frightening. My Lord, where can I get a t-shirt?


Nails-Abandon-All-Life-ArtworkNails- Abandon All Life

Nails. Fuck yeah. Chew glass and spit concrete between broken teeth. Oh God. Why did you eat glass? That was a terrible idea. Ahh fuck this album is only 17 minutes but I want to choke a couch to fucking death after hearing it. Somewhere between hardcore, crust, dbeat, and that murderous rage that comes when you stub your toe lies Nails — a terrible outfit from California signed to Southern Lord. Much like their label mates, Nails shares the same grime ridden hallowed existence as Black Breathe, Baptists, Enabler, and All Pigs Must Die. Nails in comparison is pretty ferocious. It must be strange for a band whose critics all praise them with metaphors likening their music to being hit in the face with glass. Fuck that couch. Seriously.


364273Joel Grind – Yellowgoat Sessions

Joel Grind is the self titled solo project for Toxic Holocaust’s frontman Joel Grind. Toxic holocaust, for the longest time, was a one man black/thrash act concerned with hell and death. Following the addition of bandmates, as well as a fanstic 2011 release Conjure and Command, the once isolated frontman has been branching out and experimenting with more solo work. Joel Grind’s newest direction? Hell and Satan in the vein of old Toxic Holocaust. Well, at least I am ready for it. As I will never understand the kooky ways of musicians, I will never understand why the Yellowgoast Sessions, the first record from Joel Grind, is any different than pre-2008 Toxic Holocaust. Does any of this take away from The Yellowgoat Sessions being a pretty decent black/thrash record full of energy and fun? Of course not. Just let me complain some more. Locked, cocked, and ready to rock, Joel Grind is everything you expect without any disappointment. Thrash for evil. Satan rides bitch this time.


362339Abyssal – Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius

Genre: black/death/doom

Lyrical themes: Oppression decay

Abyssal, from England, is fresh in my mind for two things. One is a pants wetting atmosphere of abstract death metal and the other is having one of the coolest, but also pants wetting, promo picture. Its important to note that it is not this Abyssal. I just got over the newest Portal record and now its English cousin, which sounds more dynamic and dangerous, comes in and slits my throat with overgrown yet razor sharp fingernails. Complicated time structures. Vocals murmured through a blanket of fog. What in the hell has been growing under this rock? This is gross. If one enjoys the elongation of metal into the realms of the angular and metaphysical, please travel up to that decrepit house on the top of the hill and conjure its spectral residents. Go ahead, I dare you. Soon we are going to have to talk about all of this trans-dimensional death that has been appearing on cold and hopeless nights.


359831Enforcer – Death by Fire

You see? You thought this was going to be all doom and gloom. Like a diamond eagle rising from the ashes of forgotten speed metal comes Enforcer. Once on Earache records and now on Nuclear Blast, Swedish act Enforcer has come to offer a sacrifice to a god that requires songs about fighting, women, and metal. Why not? Enforcer came to great attention following two successful releases, which radiate old power/speed metal. It could be 1985 all over again if you close your eyes and hold your breathe. Despite the band being a complete throwback in terms of sound, style, and logo design, the choice to resurrect old speed metal is admirable and is executed with precision and grace. The guitar solos are competent, the vocals hit all the right notes, and I can’t help but smile through the entire thing. Why the hell not. Hand me that denim jacket and chain. We fight with fury tonight.


Caladan Brood – Echoes of Battle

Search Caladan Brood. First entry. Malazan wiki. This is going to be good. Caladan Brood is the name of a character from the ultra dense fantasy series Malazan Book of the Fallen. Caladan Brood is also the name of a Utah based act that has made it their lot in life to recreate stories and situations from the fantasy series with the atmosphere of epic folk influenced black metal. The band’s debut Echoes of Battle retains a special charm shared with a council of other geeky metal bands including Bal Sagoth, Summoning, Bolt Thrower, Blind Guardian, and The Lord Weird Slough Feg. In fact, the use of heavy keyboards puts Caladan Brood in an apprenticeship with Summoning, which never becomes too dark to be inaccessible or too soft to be absurd. This may be an unfair assessment as I once believed in the existence of gnomes. Laugh now. I’ll show all of you. Caladan Brood hits a great stride between literary devotion and deep escapism which is perfect for rainy Fridays spent at home with a thick book that contains a detailed map in front. Of course I was going to like this. Was there ever any doubt?


86055125SVN OKKLT Compilation

This is it. You remember all those jokes about lo-fi black metal recorded in tool sheds? This is it. Get your giggles out now because there will be no funny business inside. Svn Okklt is either a dark congregation or record label that specializes in raw underground black metal. The bands on Svn Okklt follow an orthodox path of music, which is isolationist and bordering on anti-existence. If anyone needed a reminder that this type of music still existed Svn Okklt is here to remind. You. All joking aside, the record label puts out decent work and has recently released a fantastic two cassette compilation with 11 shut up you have never heard them before bands. As much as one can rib this style of music, they are the ones making cassettes and giving them out for next to nothing. This release is available for pay what you want through another fantastic label Fallen Empire records. Stop your giggling and start listening. You can start making fun of it when you make a record label and disseminate your music for free.


acov_tid191402Hopelorn – From Withered Branches

Sweden. Dbeat. Crust. Necropunk? Sure why not. Hopelorn is the work of Rami Stålnacke who seems to be using his one man project, Hopelorn, as an aggressive statement against real life conflicts. The project’s third record comes with a statement of intent:

A self-indulgent but temporary shift in sound to explore more epic, triumphant moods, this is a concept album about rising back up from a downward spiral and fighting on. Fuck your gods, fuck your system, and most of all, fuck you”

Along with the shift in mood comes a stylistic shift from the very dismal crust to a very fierce atmospheric black metal with a rich lo-fi sound. Whatever seems to be eating this creator has paid off as Hopelorn’s sound is chaotic and emotional. I wonder what will happen next. Maybe it’s all meditative new age after this. Ha, I’m just joking. You seem upset but it sounds great.


365178Sangre Y Tierra – Cobarde

Raw black metal devoted to the lyrical themes of the indigenous people of the Caribbean. Sure. Where are they from? Massachusetts? Why in the hell not? As odd as Sangre Y Tierra’s lyrical themes appear to be, this act’s ability to skip the traditional doom and gloom of black metal is interesting. All of this comes from the Puerto Rico born musician Marvin Quinones who seems to play his concerts without shoes or a shirt. You wanted interesting. Here you go. Get on it. We seem to be heading into YouTube territory now in the less than 500 views waters. Steer forward servants. The Cobarde release is also segmented by drone tracks which merely provide a respite between the engulfing raw black metal. Sangre Y Tierra is uncompromising and sometimes otherworldly in vocal delivery. All of this may or may not come barefoot and shirtless.


363084Unbowed – Unbowed

Melodic death / melodic black from the cold lands of Canada. Shit. Why the hell not? Whatever Unbowed lacks in big studio production, the band makes up for with a very genuine execution of atmosphere and emotion. The band is still, as of yet, unsigned and sits as an exciting ore still un-mined from the hills of melodic death. I always like to end recent releases with a specific recommendation. While bands like Lightning Swords of Death and Hate are just as good, it is important to put the majority of your attention and money into upcoming acts. It’s a part of the metal economy. The money will trickle up if you invest in independent bands. Metalnomics.

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