Tape Wyrm XLVIII: New Black Metal Tape Wyrm XLVIII: New Black Metal

New Black metal

Wait just a goddamn minute. Didn’t you just do an article on an underground black metal label? Well, sort of. Really? And now it is six more independent and underground black metal releases? Yes. Are you alright? Yes. Are you going out this weekend? Yes. The IRC channel and your frequently updated forum do not count as going out. Then no.

It is times like this when while jumping into a new assortment of black metal releases one realizes that either all sensory tuning has been striped or that black metal offers dense variety. Or both. I can go with both as well. Just like stamp collecting, heroin, or deckbuilding in Magic, there exists silent strides one hits when investigating a certain topic. Right now, it is new black metal that seems to be floating on the more independent and self released side. Maybe tomorrow it will be more heroin or that U/W control deck that I can finally build if I can get more shocklands. Only time will tell. What did you want? Something to compliment this oppressive heat? How about more things that probably only come on cassette. Just do not leave them in the car.

379495Mare Cognitum / Spectral Lore – Sol

Sweet lord it is Mare Cognitum. Mare Cognitum is a California based atmospheric black metal artist who became somewhat popular on Reddit’s r/metal following the release of his debut The Sea Which Has Become Known. I mean, why wouldn’t an atmospheric black metal project that obsesses over sea and space become revered? Mare Cognitum follows two strong releases with a solid split with Spectral Lore.

Spectral Lore is a Greek black metal band that reminded me of a more ambient version of Burzum, or if Burzum was a fan of acoustic guitar. What we have in 2013 is a short 3 track collaborative EP that comes in at around 70 goddamn minutes. I couldn’t be happier. Each track on the split is fantastic with both artists making a near half hour selection followed by a 15 minute ambient collaboration. Whether or not it is Mare Cognitum’s moody synth or Spectral Lore’s surprisingly crisp guitar leads, this split may not seem like much but it is an album full of fantastic atmospheric black metal. Grab your goddamn towel and follow me to the breaking waves.

Bigcartel_digiPeste Noire – Peste Noire

Ohhh for the love of fuck’s sake. I feel that this is all because I have talked about Peste Noire and their 2006 release La sanie des siècles – Panégyrique de la dégénérescence as some triumph in underground French black metal. Since then, the band has constantly been changing aesthetics and testing my goddamn patience. The band’s last outing L’Ordure à l’état Pur was literally the sound of a madman running around the studio after mentally losing all of his goddamn marbles. It was ugly. It was silly. It was forgettable. Peste Noire’s 5th and first self titled record still has the redolence of their separation with reality. It is wacky as fuck. But there is something more concrete in this record. Something more substantial.

Starting with the track “Démonarque” the band displays a tender combination of accordion, slow building crests, and putrid vocals into a surprisingly effective song. From there the album strikes an odd balance between musical political theater and a pageantry of ugliness, where the band always wins first place. It is weird as shit but you know, I think I finally get it. Either that or I have also lost my damn mind. Play on little drummer boy.

a3367396358_10Horla – Wound

As of right now, Holra’s third demo has two different album covers. One that is listed on EM, which is terrible, and the other that I took from the bandcamp page. I find album art important because Horla’s third demo is filled with so much lo fi brutality, as well as haunting ambiance, that its cover is not suitable unless it is a swirling post impressionist vortex. Additionally, Horla’s vocals are split between multiple overdubbing, which leads to a truly demonic experience. Seeing a crudely drawn demon for the cover sort of ruins the experience, if you know what I mean. Horla’s music, for being part of the demon world, is damn intriguing and further adds points to the argument for English black metal. I will probably have to do an article on English black metal now.

369558Fhoi Myore / Pesteferum – Le Forme Créatrice Du Chaos / Le Chaos Religieux

Holy shit we are back in France. Holy shit everything is still chaotic. Holy shit this is so much more fierce. Fhoi Myore has been floating around for a few years with only one full length to their name and some concert pictures with the band members in full traditional costume. After so much atmospheric black metal and post black currently being made, it is refreshing to hear some black metal not only with guitar solos but with an objective of pure obliteration. No shit, just pure destruction. Fhoi Myore nails all of the great aspects of second wave black metal without becoming too obsessed with noise and lo fidelity. Above and beyond excellence. Take this and compare it with Pesteferum’s shorter, but still effective, contribution and one has a great French split that you probably will have to order online. Oh, also, Pesteferum’s vocalist is named Spernax and he sounds like a French goblin and what I just said is one hundred percent a compliment.

StillaStilla – Till Stilla Falla

Sweden. Land of the underrated black metal. Fuck you Norway. I’m just joking, Finland is getting very upset. If you have not heard the name Stilla it is alright. The band’s debut was released in March and sports a full tracklist of Swedish tongued songs. Let us also not forget the imposing black and white cabin on the front cover and the near melancholic atmosphere that swirls around musty attics. This is wilderness metal. A primitive feeling that can be reached around the range of mid fidelity. Stilla’s debut is so goddamn surprising because there are no flashy gimmicks or hooks one can easily write about. It is only after songs like “Askormen,” the album’s title track, where the feeling of hatred and ruin through nature is fully revealed. This is outsider art but not in that bullshit folk art way. This finally makes sense. This is my summer camping metal. Finland come back, I was just joking.

Fir-Bolg-Towards-Ancestral-Lands-ArtworkFir Bolg – Towards Ancestral Lands

We are back in France with..ohhh…what the fuck Fir Bolg. That is not your album cover, is it?-sigh- I just talked to Horla about their album cover. Alright, fine. Whatever. Fir Bolg comes to us with his first full length after a much ignored demo in 2008. Fir Bolg is the one man project of Dagoth who also lends vocal and guitarwork to French melodic black metal act Assacrentis. Fir Bolg is different from Assacrentis in the fact this it is all Celtic based and historical to the level of geeky. Towards Ancestral Lands pays tribute to pre-modern era Ireland with an uptempo and high fi black metal presentation, much in the same vein as Absu, Rotting Christ, and Melechesh. In fact, I think we could group all of those bands together in an undergraduate course on ancient civilizations and their legacy through contemporary black metal bands. Just. Fucking. Saying.

Alright, I am done for a while. I promise that I won’t talk abut black metal for, like, 2 weeks. Just shut up and start the car. I am coming with you. No, I do not want to bring my book. I will talk to people.

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  • OGhost says:

    I can indeed confirm the the swirling mess on the front of Horla’s “Wound” (the one you featured) is indeed the correct artwork.

  • Amazing. Seeing this cover on Bandcamp made the music ten thousand times better. It also scared the shit out of me so much more.