Tape Wyrm XLI: New Black & Death Metal Tape Wyrm XLI: New Black & Death Metal


I know, I know. I just did an article on Chinese black metal and here is another article on recent black and death metal. I told myself I needed to give myself a break and try something else. It’s like I tried to force harsh, dissonant metal out the door and destroy it but upon entering the house again it is sitting untouched on the dining room table. And then I scream. It’s all a terrible nightmare.

I do not think I would be as interested in newer black and death metal if it weren’t so god damn interesting. The below selections were found without much effort and were just sort of collecting on top of my desk. The cds, vinyls, and cassettes collected and rose up into some horrible tower of macabre depravity. I am excited to share this tower with everyone and finally clear my desk for other things like shipbuilding in small bottles.


139fe2e7aa5afd23cb604e130a40bb84Cultes De Ghoules – Henbane

For the love of an old wicked crone. Cultes De Ghoules is a polish black metal act that offsets their pedestrian lyrics of devil worship and occult rituals with some of the most unique and blood curdling vocal styles of recent memory. Screeches, gargles, cries, hell wheezings all make their way into an album whose tracks are averaged around ten minutes. While any of the preceding sentences could be used to poke fun at black metal’s odd tendencies, just the sheer range of vocals are dynamic and near horrifying. It gives the record a human quality but one that is nearing full possession. Henbane is the sparkle of a witch’s eye that has just come under the spell of a maligned spirit. This record may be perfect for Halloween to play at night while children wander your neighborhood or even now by yourself standing in your kitchen eating dinner over the sink…You know whatever.


63671_krypts_unending_degradationKrypts – Unending Dedgradations

Pure Finish…um death metal. Recently I did an article with Hyperion on the last 5 years in death metal. The current trend is a re-visitation or reboot of a classic death metal sound, which is still rotted in a contemporary space. The new wave of old school death metal was a title used sort of humorously, but recently I have seen the name being thrown around as a classification. Goddamn it, I should have filed a copyright. Krypts had a fantastic demo in 2009 and their 2013 debut sees the same material given a good polish. Krypts, much like Horrendous and Funebrarum, continue in the tradition of despair ridden death metal. Rather than shoot for gore and pathology, a general sense of foreboding terror haunts the record. This same style was the hallmark of early death metal. Unending Degradations flickers to the pulse of a strobe light positioned in a corner of a haunted barn. Its goddamn fun and disorientating at the same time.


tumblr_m0fbbxwcih1qj4d91_1330970446_coverSkagos – Anarchic

Skagos. Shit. Wow. Alright. Skagos is a name I have flung around for quite some time since being interested in Cascadian black mtal. I even featured them prominently in an early Tape Wyrm article about the dreary northwest as part of a greater unrecognized third wave of black metal. In fact, the band’s 2009 debut Ast fits perfectly along side Wolves in The Throne Room’s Two Hunters, Weakling’s Dead As Dreams, and Agalloch’s Ashes Against The Grain. The band now follows their debut with a one song 60 minute sophmore release called Anarchic. Segmented into seven movements and split over the course of three sides, Anarchic details the very common themes of mythology, nature based lore, and ultimate destruction and creation through organic violence. You know, typical things. This record feels like moss and scared stone. Skagos has been on a goddamn roll since Ast and skipped gracefully through a split with Panopticon. Anarchic might be their coup de grace in an ultimately competent black metal combo. Effective and well played.


1642053431-1Katechon – Man, God, Giant

Sweet mercy rain down on me this is frightening. Never in my life did I think I could see an album cover match the swirling madness of its music. I do not know what it is about pointy robes ascending stone staircases but this whole thing send shivers up my spine. Katechon is from Norway and despite the country not being known for its death metal, Man God Giant is one of the most horrifying things to come out of that area in a long time. Maybe it´s the occult and metaphysical themes, or the fact that the music strives towards ugliness every second. Maybe it´s the damn pointy hats and the hopeless action to ward off encroaching abandonment. I had to focus for a bit to recognize the music being death metal rather than the sound of being trapped inside a car with angry hornets wearing pointy hats.


1906417658-1Impious Baptism – Wrath of the Apex Predator

Why would you get baptized in the first place if it is going to be .. .ohhh nevermind. Australia. Home of bands like Destroyer 666, Bestial Warlust, and Men At Work. Jarro Raphael has lent his talents to many bands including Destroyer 666, Hobbes Angel of Death, and Nocturnal Graves. At the moment Jarro is declaring war on goddamn near everything with Wrath of the Apex Predator, which sounds like a pissed off pterodactyl made of guitar riffs. Riffdactyle? No, absolutely not. Impious Baptism is important along side other black metal acts because its music, while still black metal, is wholly different than Skagos and even Cultes De Ghoules. It is more based in fire and aggressive than the other two and can be considered a part of another subgenre of black metal whose name I am not going to utter in public because it just makes people upset. It maybe bestial black metal. Stop, get back here. Sit down. Bullet belts and dinosaurs aside, Impious Baptism is exactly what you need at this moment.


2118682243-1Sacriphyx – The Western Front

Alright. I understand. This may not be for everyone. I can understand how the vocals may be a little under produced. Alright. I understand it may sound like it was run over by a truck and left on the side of the road to fester. Sacriphex supposedly was picked up through an unsolicited CDr sent to Nuclear War Now Productions. The Cinderella story led this death/thrash/black/heavy metal band into the arms of a “larger” audience. The Western Front continues the band’s unique approach to writing death/thrash/black/heavy metal on the horrors and triumphs of World War I. You see, I think there could be a large overlap between people who love researching military battles and those who love to hear music that sounds like it is rotting on the side of the highway. I do not know. I am just saying. It could have its own website.


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