Tame Impala – Lonerism Tame Impala – Lonerism

Hello. Sorry. I am late getting here. You wouldn’t believe the goddamn route that I took to get here. I see that we have all already opened presents and eaten cake. I see Charles is already drunk. Its 3:30 in the afternoon. Regardless, I know that there has been a lot of things said about Tame Impala‘s sophomore release Lonerism. I know that I got lost getting here by being side tracked with earlier EPs and releases but seriously I am ready to party. This is a goddamn amazing record, the best for the band and surely one of the best for the year. Ohh goddamn it Charles is outside. Who let the door open?

My experience with Tame Impala came with completely missing the band’s debut Innerspeaker and then retroactively listening to their first self titled EP subsequent to Lonerism‘s release. I know you wouldn’t believe the goddamn directions I got. Both 2010’s Innerspeaker and 2008’s self titled EP were excellent exercises in hard psych which aid tribute to the fiery presence of Cream and Blue Cheer. Now with a third piece placed at the end, Innerspeaker is reveled in context as the transition record between throwback psycheldia of the first EP and a full out unique presentation with Lonerism. Tame Impala has graduated from above average psych rock band to a truly genuine act which starts at psychedlia and then travels three years into the future. It is not a sound which has a place rather it is music which could only exist in 2012. This is the album Animal Collective should have been going for. Well there he goes. Charles has now gotten into he sprinklers.

I do not think I have been this obsessed with an opener for awhile. Lonerism‘s first song “Be Above It” acts as the albums overture by its gentle display of echo and fresh hallucinatory tone. It is as almost if you started to doubt the drugs you ingested earlier were going to do anything. But beyond cheap illicit metaphors is the undeniable fact that Tame Impala finally blossoms into a band which sounds, not like Cream, Blue Cheer or Deep Purple rather Tame Imapala. You maybe unexpectantly high on hallucinogenics at your Aunt’s birthday party but goddamn it those drugs are from this decade not from year’s past.

If Lonerism should noted for anything is its connectivity throughout the record. Even songs which have an odd place within the record like the album’s single and stoner rock anthem “Elephant” somehow fit into the larger picture. For an album built on wafting texture it is a goddamn miracle that it turns out so listenable and delightful. Guitar riffs because sidewalks over rolling hills made of glass. There is incredible depth created over just 50 minutes. Lonerism is truly a work of greatness which I almost missed because I was busy doing other things. Just look at this magical fucking kingdom I almost passed by.

In tandem with Lonerism, guitarist and songwriter Kevin Parker’s other project Pond released Beard, Wives, Denim a very retro throwback to sunny psychedelic pop. Pond’s record was fantastic and puts Lonerism further in context acting as a repository for any retro desires. When Tame Imapla is drained of its tendency to replicate something else is left. This something powers the very essence of Lonerism. It is something which is its very memorable it its desire to be nothing really all of the time. Someone get Charles a robe. Ill put out the fire. Call animal control about the gator. Best record of the year? Absolutely. Any sort of regrets about my decision to eat mushrooms and open presents with my relatives? Not one bit.

Tame Impala - Lonerism , reviewed by Kaptain Carbon on 2012-11-29T12:59:40-08:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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