SXSW 2015 – Day 1 SXSW 2015 – Day 1


Ed. Note: This is the first year in five that Pinpoint hasn’t rolled into Austin with a small army of friends, drunks and goddamn lunatics all serving to forge a patois of sonic experience to better understand the thousands playing SXSW and clue you into the panoply with a wild sense of ragged wonder while foraging freakouts from every conceivable shade of the audio spectrum. But that’s okay because for 2015 we have Ms. Maggie as our guide. She’s a native with a knack for sniffing talent out of the cracks we might never think twice about with a taste that cherishes Cannibal Corpse as greedily as Vance Joy or SoMo or Reverend Horton Heat or St. Vincent or Travis Scott or you name it and she’s probably heard it or shot it and we’re actually pretty stoked to have her out there in the dregs, fighting for our side sotto voce because shit can get real loud real quick and that’s EXACTLY how you lose sense of experience and maybe, this time, we can remember a few things and…man, I wish I was in Texas now. It’s, like, 25 here in Queens. This sucks. Maggie’s amazing. Now please dig, if you will, her pictures.



Milky Chance

Parlour Tricks

Ryn Weaver

San Fermin

Zach (from Portugal the Man)


Post Script: This photo didn’t fit with the lead, but I love it.


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