SXSW 2014 – Day 2 SXSW 2014 – Day 2


Ed. Note: There’s a joke about Manchaca Stew that’s only funny because it’s true and something we should never ask another soul to endure but after a day of Willie drinking on the outskirts of fucking Nowhere, Texas we made friends and those friends had friends and suddenly it’s 2am and German Mike’s rolling in with a new Lone Star Tattoo and everyone’s in their wet underwear and, also, for some reason, pulled pork sliders and you know Friday’s gonna be slow, thirsty and miserable but fuck it, man…some days nobody’s getting laid but they might just get a damn decent foot rub which is certainly something worth celebrating.

Wait, what was the question?

Oh, right…below you’ll find a day’s worth of documentation from Mr. Ben at the Ranch and Ms. Maggie at The Fader. Please dig, if you will, their pictures.

Photos by Ben Irwin:

Heartbreaker Banquet

Photos by Maggie Boyd



Theopholus London

Jeremih w/ Shlomo

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