SXSW 2013 Spotlight: Gap Dream SXSW 2013 Spotlight: Gap Dream

Gap-Dream-660x514Yes. Yes. Yes. I currently have a patent on the phrase “dream garage” just in case there are more bands like Gap Dream and just in case they decide to form a movement. I can not think of a more potent example of dream pop’s elasticity or the blurring of psych garage. This is the coolest sound to ever be made. This is music of mods smoking opium or shoegaze kids taking Dexedrine. This is hitting that middle stride between dreaming and waking and ceases to ever be uninteresting. Gap Dream’s self titled record came out last year and astounded me for the entirety of 2012. I know I keep threatening to come to SXSW but for this I’ll be there smoking cigarettes in pajamas. Fear not though, I can stay awake forever.

Friday, March 15 11:15PM -11:55PM
Hotel Vegas

Saturday, March 16 10:15PM -10:45PM
Hotel Vegas / Volstead

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