SXSW 2012 Short List: K-Z SXSW 2012 Short List: K-Z

Rounding out the rest of the letters with as much bias and half-Sunday drunks as we (I) did A-J. No matter how snide any of the below may be, please believe that we, at Pinpoint, are psyched as hell for all of SXSW’s happenings. Rock it.

K-Holes – Like an A-Hole only someone might play you for a leather daddy pony boy Hozac discord punk act. Wait. What? Groovy hate fucks for everyone!

Kaiser Chiefs – At Melissa’s suggestion (oh, the things we do for love) I gave Kaiser Chiefs some less scathing attention and actually found them to be perfectly playable angular British art pop ala the wave that brought us Bloc Party only their longevity seems to suggest that they won’t be wholly dreadful live.

Kasabian – See Kaiser Chiefs, though I still imagine this is how Jet would sound if and when they make their “adult” Duran Duran comeback.

Keane – More music for insurance commercials. I’m just glad this isn’t Train.

Kid Congo and the Monkey Birds – Kid Congo Powers is the fucking man. Come straight with the weirdo goofball scumbag axeman of a three of the best rock bands on the fucking planet (Gun Club, Cramps, Bad Seeds). Yeeeeeah.

Killer Mike – Hip Hop I’ve heard of. Prolly means it’s wicked passé.

Kimya Dawson – Ugh.

Knife Party – I wish I did classier drugs.

Lazerbeak – If this was Hatebeak, my year would be made.

Led Er Est – I feel like I get some fucking email about this band ever other day and keep confusing them with the band Dir En Grey which is just as well because I doubt I’ll ever listen to either.

Li’l Cap’n Travis – Dude, are you the Eels?

Library Voices – There are eight people in this band playing perfectly acceptable pop songs that may or may not nod to dirty tattooed kids so, yeah. If pop radio sounded like this maybe I wouldn’t be such an asshole.

The Life and Times – Kwame tells me these guys are full on rock. Their midtempo dynamic stance rubs a wet brick at my brain. Still, somehow, I enjoy them?


Lo Pan – I bet their singer takes voice lessons. Pussy.

LOL Boys – Fuck you.

Love Inks – Weird pretty ladyman-machine pop. I really hope they’re Australian.

The Low Anthem – Sad songs. Moving on.

Lucero – Rough-hewn southern drinking charm. Been around forever. Discovered them about the time I first saw Bruce Springsteen. The Boss won.

M. Ward – Amazing fucking guitar player all messed up recently on Zooey Deschawhatshertits.

The Magnetic Fields – The prince of grump love shuffles his way to Texas with whomever can stand a life of NPR and cynicism to tug your heartstrings for his droll amusement.

Mahogany – Is Diana Ross dead? I forget.

Mansions on the Moon – How the fuck did this band get on my playlist? Soft, somber vaguely cinematic mostly electronic music.

Maps & Atlases – I actually really fucking like this band’s wildly talented skramz to hippie weirdness. Didn’t care for the last album. Super psyched for the next.

Mean Jeans – MEAN JEANS?!? I LOVE THIS FUCKING BEER RAMONES PARTY BAND! Can’t believe I missed them last year. I will NOT make the same mistake again.

The Men – How many fucking times do I have to tell you people that The Men are the best fucking band playing in New York fucking City right fucking NOW! JESUS CHRIST!

Metric – I like that one song…I think.

Miike Snow – How do you say that? “MEEKA?” “MEEK?” Because if it’s just “Mike,” so help me god, I will destroy you.

Mind Spiders – Didn’t I see this band recently? What did I think? They were okay, right? OH! Wait. Nah, forget it.

Motion City Soundtrack – Kinda hate this band. Kinda can’t deny that kid can write an oddly captivating melody.

Mozart’s Sister – Are you fucking kidding me?

Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – I’ll give a minute to any MC with a song called “Lou Ferigno’s Mad.”

Mrs. Glass – Ira’s wife.

Mujeres – Spanish sweat rock. YEAH!

My Best Fiend – I know Klaus Kinski. And you, my friends, are no Klaus Kinski.

Nachtmystium – You really need me to tell you what a band called Nachtmystium sounds like? Go fly a kite.

Nas – Legend.

Neon Indian – I hear his live performances are pretty dope. Lights and shit. Smoke.

Neon Trees – Oh, fuck. That fucking “oh oh, I want some more song.” Does the singer have a devillock? Everyone is fired.

Nervebreakers – Not all punk ages as gracefully as Ian Mackaye.

New Roman Times – You actually ripped off the name of an Ohio lo-fi band? Really? Ima go to your show just to steal your cymbals on principle.

New Town Drunks – I just moved to Newtown Avenue. No relation.

Nico Vega – Didn’t we do a video of Nico Vega forever ago? I think we did. Shit. Pinpoint’s three years old.

Nite Jewel – I just can’t get with this.

The Non – I hope Boyd Rice’s “ironic” neo-nazi past totally bites you in the ass.

Not in the Face!! – Two exclamations. Favorite band name of the festival.

Oberhofer – Actually, this is kind of catchy.

The Octopus Project – I think this band might fill the void left by whatever the fuck happened to the Mae Shi. If only they had some shouting. Still and all. Inescapable electronic sunshine.

Of Monsters and Men – They’re from Iceland so you should see them cuz, you know, Bjork.

OFF! – Goddamnit, Keith Morris is awesome.

Oh No Oh My – Seriously pretty local boys playing acoustic pop gems. They deserve more than a glib mention but what are you gonna do?

Oneohtrix Point Never – No WAY this isn’t a fucking laptop band.

The Original Bells of Joy – I want to see a gospel act called The Original Bells of Joy.

Palomar – I think the guitar player used to work at the Sam Goody I stole my first SWANS tape from. I might have been friends with his girlfriend. She’s married now. Maybe divorced. Why do I suddenly want KFC?

Papa – Pinpoint fucking loves this band. You should too.

Peanut Butter Wolf – What frantic spreadable band am I confusing them with?

Peelander-Z – S-T-E-A-K!

Penguin Prison – I don’t know how I feel about any of this. It’s pretty great in a Rick Astley sort of way.

Pennywise – Yes, they’re too old for this shit and so are you and this band’s always been pretty fucking boring but you’ll still totally loose your fucking mind when they play “Bro Hymn.”

Peter Wolf Crier – Wait. Is that Crier as in “KRE-UHR” or, like, one who cries?

Pets With Pets – Why do I cut Australian bands so much slack? Maybe because everything on that goddamn continent can kill you with it’s spit. Or are they from New Zealand?

Plants and Animals – Lazy name, easy band.

Polica – I’m fairly confident there’s a Brazilian post-punk band that has the same name. Can’t tell if this chick is tracked like crazy or fucking auto-tuned.

Primitive Weapons – And now, for some reason, I’m watching Ink and Dagger videos trying to spot the dude from Tim and Eric. I think it’s Eric. Fuck ‘em both.

Prince Rama – Psychedelic yoga shit from Brooklyn. Or not. Who cares?

Prodigy/Mobb Deep – Whoa.

Psychedelic Horseshit – I only know this band because they openly loathe Wavves. Or did. Please say they do. I need a fucking ally up in this contempt.

Psychic Ills – I have an old 7” of theirs somewhere. Or I don’t. The world keeps spinning.

Puffy Areolas – Tin gutter freakout. That singer fucking means it.

Pujol – Dude’s a dick.

Punch Brothers – I don’t know fuck all about bluegrass but I think this might be bluegrass. I always wanted to learn to play the mandolin.

Purity Ring – I should hate this but I don’t. “Ungirthed” is a retarded song title.

Pusha T – I can’t believe you exist without Kanye.

Reptar – Every couple of bars I dig it, then I don’t. Maybe I do. Actually, this might be real nice with a sunny taco hangover.

Ringo Deathstarr – Pretty shoegaze psych. Seriously. I think the bass player was a model.

The Ropes – Sooooooooooooooooo not the band that just put out a 7” on Youth Attack. More like unfun Butter 8.

Rwake – Luke?

Said the Whale – What? What the fuck did he say? FUCKING TELL ME ALREADY!

Santigold – I’m actually really glad we have Santigold back. Now, maybe, MIA can go away.

Say Anything – The greatest film to paint stalking in a Cusack light as presented by pop punk. Makes sense.

Say Hi – Wanted to hate. WANTED TO HATE SO BAD. Actually love. Love like fucking crazy.

SBTRKT – Lemon’s gonna fuck his mask.

Screaming Females – There aren’t nearly enough female guitar heroes. Chrissie’d be proud all right. So’d J. Mascis. Actually pretty goddamn psyched for this.

Sharon Van Etten – She looks like whatshername that I hate but actually reminds me of a soulful Rebecca Gates.

Shearwater – Achingly beautiful and, at times, painfully unusual. I believe they share a percussionist with SWANS.

Shinobi Ninja – Wow. I couldn’t loathe you any more…

The Shins – …unless you were The Shins. This band ruined my life.

Shooter Jennings – Long-haired electric country.

Shout Out Out Out Out – This may be fun but I’ll still want it to be Holy Fuck.

Skrew – No. Seriously? These once industrialists have to be like 50 now. That is, too old for inchoate anger.

Sleep ∞ Over – Whatever. This shit is totally enchanting.

Sleepy Suns – Ben loved them. Rachel left. I don’t know. Psych, I guess?

Stardeath & White Dwarfs – I just assumed this was Wayne Coyne. Am I wrong?

The Stepkids – I interviewed these kids for an hour last year. No one ever bothered to cut it. I can bullshit with the best of them.

Steve Aoki – You have to admire a man who took the spoils of the Benihana empire and turned them into a giant weirdo aggro fuck rave.

A Storm of Light – Perennial epic metal openers. Lots of “members of” occur therein.

Strange Boys – I really hope their blah records translate to caustic mayhem.

Sun Araw – See Prince Rama. I hate the kids.

The Sword – Maximum metallum. Let me keep thinking they’re Goblin Cock.

T.I. – Someone will totally get a questionable bathroom blowjob at this show.

Taken by Trees – Cute weird. Weird cute. Bangs.

Tearist – I have a tour CDR by this band. Comparable to Bestial Mouths in the femme and gloom department but less tribal and more pretty self-abusing.

Teengirl Fantasy – Chris Hansen tribute band.

The Temper Trap – I only miss the 90s because they didn’t want to be the 80s.

Tennis – You are everything wrong with Western Culture.

Thee Oh Sees – I want to believe they all met in some weird American History X type transcendental prison and revoked their wilding ways to rock your sweaty balls right into their neighbor’s face.

This Will Destroy You – Last year we spent half an hour watching another band thinking it might be This Will Destroy you. Post rock is funny that way.

Thomas Dolby – He’s not going to play “She Blinded Me with Science,” okay? So stop asking.

Tia Carrera – Wayne’s World was a long time ago.

The Ting Tings – Music for Ipods. Their new album is shamefully infectious.

Titus Andronicus – This kid can write great fucking records. Too bad he’s practically tone deaf.

Todd Barry – COMEDY!

Tom Morello – I’m sorry. There’s an occupy SXSW show? Fuck that. Fuck you. Pay me.

Tommy Stinson – The only Replacement left that still loves the rock and roll. I’m glad Axl’s thrown him a bone. Lord knows Paul Westerberg won’t.

The Tontons – Star Wars references are so…I don’t know…No.

Torche – Metal is as metal does and Torche is fucking metal.

Total Unicorn – Kill yourself.

Train – No, seriously. Kill yourself.

Trampled by Turtles – This name is unacceptable in any language.

Trash Talk – As Ceremony will save punk, Trash Talk will save hardcore. That singer is nine feet tall and fucking terrifying.

Tristen – Didn’t we try really hard to see her last year? I feel like she’s totally rad and batshit crazy. Eric turned me on to her. Dig it.

Turbo Fruits – People tell me they’re great. I’m still waiting to believe them.

The Twilight Sad – zzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

Two Cow Garage – Bad name, earnest band.


Unicycle Loves You – I am going to kick your ass.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Much weirder than I thought they’d be. Part tin can, part power pop, part death disco. Lemon’s all over this.

Valient Thorr – Beards. Beer. Sweat. Awesome.

VHS or Beta – You can call it electronica all you want but you and I both know what you’re doing is a waste of perfectly good cocaine.

Voxhaul Broadcast – Remember all those Swedish rock bands from a couple years ago? This sounds like that.

Wale – I wish this was the hobo humpin’ slobo babe.

The War on Drugs –Yeah. All right. I can do this. It’s like lo-fi Dire Straits or unshitty Don Henley. Pop, man. Pop.

WATERS – After the good Kap’n’s review, I totally want to check this shit out.

Wavves – Fuckk Yyou.

Wax – How much did you pay Loomis for the name? HOW MUCH, MENG?!?!


We Were Promised Jetpacks – Swollen hearts and indie meaning. Will sound epic when half drunk.

The Wedding Present – They’re playing one set and then they’re playing Seamonsters. Go see Seamonsters.

Whiskey Daredevils – I always wanted to be in a band called the Whiskey Dropouts. One day…

Widowspeak – Another band Brooklyn Vegan keeps talking about. They sound like they’re on Captured Tracks because they are.

Xray Eyeballs – LOOOOOOOOOOOVE these cats. Go check out our interview with them from last year and then just fucking go see them.

YACHT – Everything is awful.

YAWN – Exactly.

Yip Deceiver – Will I be disappointed that this isn’t Yip Yip? Probably.

Youth Lagoon – Why are so many perfectly decent bands so afraid of NOT sounding like shit on record? Seriously. Enough with the fucking vocal treatments, already. Just fucking PLAY!

Yuppie Pricks – HA!

Zola Jesus – A tiny girl with an overwhelming voice. Goth opera over Throbbing Gristle. Lovely, doomed and right.

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  • Ben says:

    I saw Kimya Dawson twice last year. Both great shows.

    I will see This Will Destroy You again this year.

    Pretty sure I should avoid all Sleepy Sun shows for fear that their manager will write “anonymous” posts on our site, and then later have to have more sane people ask me to have them removed… again

    We had fun with Pujol last year, apparently he rubbed you the wrong way?

    44 times in this article you said fuck while describing a band? 44 has to be a record.