SXSW 2011 Party Preview SXSW 2011 Party Preview

SXSW 2011 Party Preview

As Pinpoint Music approaches its sojourn to Austin’s world-wide spring break for music nerds, we find ourselves looking forward to more than just a hedonistic week of treating our bodies like amusement parks.
Yes, there is music in Austin for the week casually referred to as “South By”; but there is so much more. Parties, Gala’s, Showcases, Gatherings, Happy Hours – everyone with any sort of agenda is throwing an event. Even us.  For those willing to make the journey to Austin, this should be a musically enriched, booze drenched Party.  There are tons of SXSW-sponsored music events throughout the week, but here are the various Parties I am particularly looking forward to:


Tuesday 3/15

Voltron Party – The show creators of Transformers will be in attendance, also the actual Voltron. Im assuming not from the movie with Shia Lebeouf.

From Austin, With Love – RJD2 will be there, I’m guessing the shorties will be as well.

SUP Mag / Fixed (NYC) / Learning Secrets (ATX) – “There might even be complimentary booze involved” “Special Secret Guests” – I kinda love the nondescript refusal to commit to anything. Perfect for myself and my contemporaries.


Wednesday 3/16

Baeblemusic Takes on Texas: Presented by Lexus , MOG and ROKU – Heiroglyphics, Cadence Weapon, The Knux. “The best Hip Hop Austin has to offer Wednesday”. Heiro Ya’ll.

RCRD LBL After Hours – Moby. I don’t know, is that something you get excited about at SXSW? It’s gotta be better than some of the weird “after hours” shit I’ve been to in this fair city of mine.


Thursday 3/17

Prefix Magazine Day Party – Everyone’s talking about this Asobi Seksu character, probably worth checking out. Das Racist should be fun. Free tacos and beer!

MTV Garage – I can never remember if I really like Matt & Kim live or really hate Matt & Kim live, but I’ve been waiting for Theophilus London to be more accessible to me so this is exciting to me.

Party for “The Beaver” – This should be self-explanatory, but it also lists Jodie Foster as making a “special appearance”. I don’t know why this intrigues me so much, but it does.

Pinpoint Music’s Party @ SXSW 2011 – (cough) ehh hemm (cough)


Friday 3/18

Full Irish Breakfast – again, kinda self-explanatory, plus music from Ireland. I think I might be much more into this than I should be.

L4M/Bottom Lounge Day Party – The Cool Kids and Das Racist actually makes a ton of sense billing-wise. Plus I kinda want to use this time to make a final decision on The Cool Kids. I have a hunch though.

Shirts For A Cure Party – Paint It Black and Bane! Am I back at Gilman Street circa 2001? This would have got me so horny about 10 years ago, now, only classic length. But still.  I haven’t been to a punk show in days.  I’m into this one.

The Hype Machine After Hours Party – Mount Kimbie, Baths. Seems like a good time to check these bands out. I also just really like the hypem website.


Saturday 3/19

Alternative Press Party – All Ages, represent. I do like The Limousines though, and I gotta represent Sacramento’s own, Middle Class Rut.

Brooklyn Vegan & Profound Lore Metal Party – Am I tempted by a metal party? No.

MOG at the Mohawk – Big Boi, TV on the Radio, Smith Westerns, Theophilus London. Stoked. I really dig the eclectic lineup; I also want to see if I can buy Big Boi a drink. I don’t know why, he just seems like he’d be appreciative.

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