SXSW 2011 – Artist Rundown (L-Z) SXSW 2011 – Artist Rundown (L-Z)

Part two of Charles’ epic SXSW 2011 artist preview. For the record Ben the editor enjoyed seeing Liz Phair last he saw her!
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The Last Republic – British melodramatics. I bet girls like these guys and their Kings of Leon hair. Like that Toxic Airborne Event band (who are also playing) except with baby fat.

Laura Jansen – Pretty girl filled with piano woe. Harmless.

Liz Phair – Really?

Lo-Pan – Great reference. Eh band. Stoner rock. They’re songs start off fine but go on too long.

Low – Mormons. Slow. Soft. LOUD! You will fall asleep standing up.

The Luyas – This band is gonna be a buzz. I’m telling you. If they’re not already. Saw them at the National High Violet thing. I kinda liked them. Weirdness but verging on quaint goodness but that’s likely just because they’re Canadian.

Magrudergrind – Hyperpolitical grind whose new record is out thanks to Scion. Funny that. If you go to this show you’ll be AMAZED that people are able to sing along.

Malajube – I think Eric showed me their video a couple of years ago.  French electropop dudes with periodic rocking.

Man Man – Multiinstrumental maniacs from Philly. Dude sounds like Tom Waits half the time.

Maps and Atlases – The last record sucked but if you’re in the mood for some serious fucking GUITAR playing we can go see them and count notes together.

Marcy Playground – Funny how many bands nowadays based their whole vibe off of “Sex and Candy”

Maritime – I thought this band was someone else. I was wrong. Indie rock? Does that mean anything anymore?

Mark Eitzel – American Music Club without the joy of not being just Mark Eitzel.

Mean Jeans – FUCK YEAH! I’m seeing this fucking party punk beer fuck yeah fuck band. PARTY!

Men Without Hats – um…

Menomena – Mathy and precious and kinda awesome.

Mount Kimble – Smart guy glitch beat party tonight. I have this record. I have no idea why.


Naam – Dirgy psych rock. Anyone else miss Monster Magnet?

Native – The jangly math screamo shit. Not sure if they do it right but they certainly do it and it seems like they always do it in good company.

Nite Jewel – 80’s dope opera weirdness. Face painting in the desert with a strangled casio and a lady you think is pretty until she starts talking to dead cats.

No Joy – Canadian fuzzboxers. Could be fantastically chaotic or just dudes staring at their pedals. Folks will be there either way. VIVA JESUS AND MARY CHAIN!

Noah and the Whale – Another shitty band name but actually not half bad. I mean, I bet they think they’re really smart and would LOVE to score a Wes Anderson film. Maybe they will one day.

The Novocaines – Huh. Just a rock band. Not bad. Not great. Bet the singer gives great photo ops.

O’Death – Shirtless downhome bluegrass something of a homespun American drunk gothic feeling. Yeah?

Obits – duh.

Oberfhofer – I think they played three times a day at CMJ. Touring with Tapes N Tapes. I guess that makes sense.

OFF! – Keith Morris and a bunch of other fucking dudes playing punk as fuck like the bands that used to kick everybody’s ass for beer or cookies.

Oh No Oh My – Cute but not twee but close as Texas comes I suppose. Acoustic pleasantries. Dude’s voice can get annoying. Picnic rock.

Okkervil River – I like some of their songs in spite of myself but not the ones they probably like because I don’t care how smart you are. I care how hard you rock.

Old 97s – The GOOD dude from Uncle Tupelo. Fuck Wilco.

Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group – You have fun with this one. I hate this fucking guy.

Papercranes – Oh Jesus. Rain Phoenix has a band? River was the only one who knew how to have any fun.

Parts and Labor – Art noise NY motherfuckers who have been around FOREVER. They’re actually really goddamn good live. Total nerd mosh.

Peelander Z – This will likely be the most fun you’ll have at South by. Japanese goofball lunatics who invite the audience to play pots and pans on stage and engage them in human bowling.

A Place to Bury Strangers – Jesus. And. Mary. Chain. They kinda started the new bore noise wave. At least they build their own pedals and the dude plays a firebird bass while some tortured footage plays over them…then there’s the strobe part.

Portugal, The Man – Fuck the 70s.

Prince Rama – I also have this record. What the fuck do I do when I’m drunk? More of that new kid neon dissonant psych but darker than most. Fever Ray vs. Yeasayer.

PS I Love You – Liars.

Quintron and Miss Pussycat – He gets naked playing an organ and shouting over something he built called a drum buddy. She does a puppet show. Good time weirdos from New Orleans.

R.S.A.G. – Crazy talented drummer who plays music indebted to the jungle love of the Talking Heads. Yes.

The Raveonettes – Why not?

The Refreshments – Didn’t they do the Friends theme?

Retribution Gospel Choir – More 70s riffs. This time from Sub Pop. I liked this record on first listen, then remembered how much I hate Neil Young.

Ringo Deathstarr – Super 80s noise gaze derivative with a Calvin Johnson ripoff. Cute girl on bass? Yes. Totally going because when the girls sings she sounds like MBV.

Robbers on High Street – Midtempo. Forgettable.


Saint Vitus – METALLER!

Say No! to Architecture – I think this is just one dude riffing to a beat? Eh. Doubt this show’ll be crowded. Could be REAL loud.

Say Hi – I don’t even know this band but fuck them for still being around.

Scars on 45 – Some girl, somewhere is getting pregnant in a back seat to this band. That is not a compliment so much a comment on the sadness of American society.

Screaming Females – Torn on this one. Sloppy Dinosaur Jr. with a female singer and a lot less virtuosity. Kinda dig it. Doesn’t really want to be anything but a band.

Screeching Weasel – HEY SUBURBIA!

She Wants Revenge – Shut up.

Shit Robot – Didn’t we review them?

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – A little bit Bad Seeds. A little bit Americana. A little bit Jello Biafra. So…

Smokin Popes – Jesus.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yelsin – More Polyvinyl. Most fey.

Sondre Lerch – My brain will not accept this.

Starfucker – Yeah. I could dig on this electric joy.

The Strange Boys – Lofi garage trash from In The Red. Their record sucks. Live, they could be incendiary.

Sun Araw – Psych World. 5 bucks says they’re all white…and in headbands.

Surfer Blood – That “Swim” song is amazing but everything I see of these guys live is AWFUL!

Suuns – Dark and a touch unnerving, at times. Sound like the want to be weird sexy. Could work. More rock than I expected.

Tapes N Tapes – Whatever. Could never get past the name.

Tennis – Is this Yach rock? It sounds like Yacht. Sounds Tanya Donnelly stealing Walkmen 60s cover songs. Do people even try anymore? Tennis. Eat a dick.

Thao with the Get Down Stay Down – Music for the beach, I guess. For some reason I really want to like them.

Thee Oh Sees – More garage scum. Sweat and shirtless. Maybe we can feel up some wasted hipsters.

This Will Destroy You – LOUD!

Tia Carrera – It’s been a loooooong time since Wayne’s World.

Times New Viking – Lofi. Lofi. Lofi. Some of their shits kinda catchy if you enjoy the sound of broken microphones. I think my friend has a friend in this band.

Tokyo Sex Destruction – Spanish Hives.

Toro y Moi – you know better than I do.

Touche Amore – More screamo. They’re better than Native.

Turbo Fruits – Worst band name ever? I say we get the Slang Chickens to kick their ironic rock asses.

The Twilight Sad – Ugh. THESE NAMES!!!! Sad Britain in the 80s but…not. THAT FUCKING NAME!!!

Ty Segall – Ben?


Vandaveer – Acoustic bellowing singer songwriting with all the Americana you can stand and perhaps a little more. Not wholly bad. Not a whole set, though.

Versus – Wow. Versus are still playing? I’M NOT OLD!

Violens – The Byrds playing cynical goth. I really like them.

Wakey! Wakey! – Wow. I did NOT think they were gonna sound so piano/string hearts breaking.

Wavves – Too bad he probably won’t have a drug break down again.

Weedeater – SLUUUUUUUUDGE!!!!!

Yob – Long metal songs. Looooooong. Sloooooow. Meeeetaaaaaallll.

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