SXSW 2011 – Artist Rundown (A-K) SXSW 2011 – Artist Rundown (A-K)

SXSW Artist Rundown

Pinpoint Music’s own Charles gives us his unrivaled look at the artists and bands scheduled to perform at SXSW 2011.

(L – Z

Amber Asylum – Swollen, gloomy melodrama. A little like the Rachels with occasional female vocals. Very Neurot.

AM – White boy retro AM (GET IT?!?) 70s soul groove velour. Pretty sure everyone in this band has an homage mustache. I hate the fucking Eagles.

American Music Club – This band is still around? Mark Eitzel’s unibrow always made me profoundly uncomfortable and I feel like he always wanted to be Michelle Shocked.

The Antlers – Saw these guys open for the National in Philly. Not bad. Very pretty. Very sincere. A little much for everyday listening unless you live in condo of snow. Might sound nice with a hangover.

Apache Beat – Sounds like Midnight Oil on 120 minutes as fronted by Taylor Dane. Drum heavy sometimes. Synthy others. Having a hard time finding their hooks. Might translate nicely by night.

The Appleseed Cast – These guys are important in the long arm of Midwestern emo. Their last record was a little less Get Up Kids and a lot more Explosions in the Sky without the routine bombast. They’re playing three times. We should see them once because this shit is pretty.

Art Vs. Science – Linear dance pop. Not all angularity like those New York art kids. Goofy. A less talented LCD. Could be fun as fuck, actually. Let’s do drugs.

Asobi Seksu – Japanese New Order love with a female singer and a little, bitty shoegaze burst. It’s Polyvinyl. We’re seeing them once, at least.

The Atlas Moth – Another band that wants to be Isis who wanted to be Neurosis. Wimpy. Screams. Beards. Probably have great t-shirts.

Baths – One man, a laptop and some mutton chops. I actually don’t mind the half dance/half emo pulse. It’ll likely be boring as sin to stand and watch but the kids fucking love it so it could, also, be a helleva lot of fun.

Beach Fossils – Chillwave. Fuck them.

Bear Hands – I’ve been wondering about this band forever. Definitely the better of the Bear bands. Nothing terribly special. Beach music for dudes in wool caps.

Birds of Avalon – Is this band for real? 70s rock up the ass. Bar band. The more I listen to them, the more embarrassed I am.

Black Angels – Fried psych. Hometown boys. The last record was a little pop but I hope the but on the bad time acid vibes.

Black Lips – You know ‘em.

Black Heart Procession – Dunno why people love these guys but then again, I hate Shudder to Think.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Remember when the Bloc Party showed up and everyone went crazy and then their next record sucked? Yeah. They should’ve turned into the BBC. I imagine I hype fest on this one.

Braids – My girlfriend wanted to use this band in a Danish shoe commercial if that means anything. Really pretty. Makes me incredibly sad for some reason.

The Calm Blue Sea – Postrock. They sound like a less dynamic Explosions in the Sky only not quite.

Cast Spells – Dude from Maps and Atlases. Lots going on. Really lovely music. Much less headache inducing than his other band. Has an AMAZING song called “A Badge”. Borders on hippy but stays on bearded geek.

Castevet – AAAaaaaauuuggghh. Not the Chicago band I fucking adore. Smarter metal than one might expect but nothing boggling. A good, honest headbang.

Casiokids – Adorable electro. I think Ben’s gonna hate this dude’s voice. Really sounds like the Sigur Ros dude but…flat? You might be able to dance to it. Did you know they have a genre called Blisswave? Yeah.

Caspian – More rock than postrock but not much…Explosions have a LOT to answer for these days. Never mind Godspeed and Mogwai. Actually, they’re blow-ups definitely get a little metaly but there’s an underlying keyboard thing that just…eh.

Cheeseburger – Party. Drunk rock party band. We should get WASTED with these dudes.

Chromeo – duh.

Cloud Nothings – REALLY like the Smiths. Like. REALLY like the Smiths but think that Johnny Marr sucks. I think Eric likes to wake up to this band. I saw them open for Superchunk and blacked out into the second song.

Crowbar – FAT MAN METAL!

Cults – A mysterious pop love couple band. Everyone’s going to be on this shit. 60s retro vibe except they don’t sound like their trapped in David Lynch’s radiator.

The Cynics – Garage rock on GET HIP! Didn’t realize they were still around. Either sloppy fun or sad old men. Who can say?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr – Eh. Did you like them, Ben?

Das Racist – Another band everyone’s gonna be all over.

Dax Riggs – Is Luke coming? He LOVES this dude.

The Dears – Canadian pop. Seem too smart to actually have a good time not unlike the Decemberists or Okkervil River. Dude sounds a shit ton like David Bowie.

The Death Set – Fucking hipster scumbag pieces of shit. Imagine lots of young drunks and neon. If I didn’t know fuck all about them, I’d think this was kind of awesome. Screamy dance. Anti-Japanther. I thought one of them was dead.

Deathcrush – Yeah. I want a t-shirt.

Devotchka – New romantics keeping the cello alive. I used to think they were a goofy Russian dance band. They, most emphatically, are not.

Die! Die! Die! – Saw these guys open for Wire and they fucking slayed. They’re from New Zealand. Think noisy 4AD. Dude’s kinda got an irritating voice but as memory serves he screams a lot.

Diplo – Yeah, we’re seeing Diplo.

The Dodos – All the rage a few years ago. What happened? I blame the Arcade Fire.

Drag the River – Some whiskey rock. Like Drive By Truckers without the art.

Dum Dum Girls – Lofi 60s girl group recorded and performed bored and in tin. Could be rad. Prolly not, but fuck it.

East Bay Ray and Eddie Spaghetti and Exene Cervenka are each doing something. Just…you know.

Ebsen and the Witch – I don’t know how we’re NOT going to see this neuvo Goths at SXSW. I like the new pop goth because I can’t escape my sad self. Um. Yeah.

Eskimo – Someone’s been catching up on their Resident’s records at the wake of Captain Beefheart.

Fang Island – YES!

Flosstradamus – They have a political rap rock song about a bicycle.

Franz Nicolay – Dude from World Inferno/Hold Steady. Accordion folk punk.

Friendly Fires – More dancing. Lots of white folks with their hands in the air.

Gary Wilson – Perennial weirdo often forgotten because his music is astoundingly uncomfortable. Old man performing with mannequins taped to his back. Weird and possibly worth it.

Gay for Johnny Depp – A screaming Brooklyn band that never plays the states. I fucking love them. LOVE! Them.

Gay Witch Abortion – One of the few new acts to play Am Rep. Loud and ugly. Should be the right bad time.

Gayngs – Some supergroup. I don’t trust supergroups.

Goes Cube – I keep missing this band. Kinda metal. Maybe? A little mathy? Mostly metal. But easy metal. No blackened death bullshit. Just heavy.

The Golden Dogs – Driving pop. A lot like early New Pornographers before they all decided they were better than that band. Surprised I have their record but it is a helluva lot of delicious pop fun.

The Greenhornes – eh. Retro is as retro does and this retro’s fucking sleepy. Not surprised Jack White’s releasing this band.

Halves – I don’t even know if this is a band or if what they put together are songs so much as instrumental interstertials that are just all full of meaning. More post…something.

Har Mar Superstar – Again, didn’t know he was still around. Fat dude in his underwear rapping dance hits.

Helmet – no. Unsung was a long ass time ago.

High Wolf – Headband psychedelia. Could be a bitchin’ light show.

Horse the Band – Worse name next to Turbo Fruits. Metal as fuck, though. So metal, I can’t tell if it’s a joke or not. There’s electronic interludes but mostly metal…and mustaches. DAMNIT!

Howl – Doomy stoner metal. I think someone from Daughters is in this band. Flying Vees and screaming.


Jad Fair – Ever see a middle aged man refuse to learn how to play guitar?

Japanther – Drum/Bass/Tapes. Still like them even though I hate everything them and their Pratt fucking family are about.

Jeff the Brotherhood – Another TERRIBLE name but their slack rock drum/guitar nonsense is undeniably catchy.

Joan of Arc – ooof. Art rock.

The Kills – Sex.

Kurt Vile and the Violators – Another budding buzz band with a dude who can’t get his hair out of his face. Can’t tell what he sounds like on record. Mumbling lofi.

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