SWANS announce new live cd/dvd NOT HERE/NOT NOW SWANS announce new live cd/dvd NOT HERE/NOT NOW

Swans-bandOh, thank the good lord, SWANS (once more, still) are not dead. In fact, by all accounts, the band is proving as frighteningly prolific as they were back in their first twenty years of…heyday? That term seems inappropriate. Anyway, we just got word that the band is working on assembling yet another documentation of their teeth shattering live performance called NOT HERE/NOT NOW. Details are, of course, spare but according to M. Gira he will be “sifting through (seemingly) hundreds of live recordings and editing/mixing, then physically making by hand these things in august/september” so it looks like you should have something deafening to continue in the tradition of Feel Good Now, Omniscience, Kill the Child, Real Love, Swans Are Dead, Public Castration Is a Good Idea, We Rose from Your Bed with the Sun in Our Head and something else I’m probably forgetting by XMas because you just can’t get enough live SWANS in your life, goddamnit. Here’s some live clips of “No Words, No Thoughts” and “Beautiful Child” (which is, unsettling, Charles’ favorite). Look for more info over at Young God. Rockit.

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