Superchunk – Leaves in the Gutter Superchunk – Leaves in the Gutter

Superchunk - Leaves in the Gutter

Superchunk - Leaves in the Gutter

Holy SHIT, have I missed this. That wrangled glee. Mac singing like he meant it twenty years ago and more and more now that the label’s successful and Laura’s bass is still drunk and Jim and Chuck do that fucking thing they do to keep it all together somehow despite “Here’s to Shutting Up” and all the keyboard fiascos that’ve come and gone since Superchunk first appeared to make the world a better place for you and me and every half punk this side of existential hell with an earnestness that often verges on embarrassment but never crosses the line from notebook chorus to bad tattoo. And thank fuck. Because emos come and go but ink is forever and no matter how desperately you cover yourself with coy you’ll never erase the day you decided to get Michele (note: one L) tattooed on your wrist. Tsk. Tsk. But THIS. This is a gift, albeit a small one. But you can go ahead and lump some adage about packages you’d typically reserve for well-earned emasculation because, for once, you’re right. That’s not a pencil in Mac’s pocket. That’s hit after hit after hit so go on and whip it out. Put it in the hands of anyone who’s wondered what eight quiet years have done to the Slack Motherfuckers because, goddamnit, all the songs sound the same again and they need to know. ABC News do. Seriously. Charles Gibson made a mention of this fucking EP so they’d best get with the program before that fucking Pitchfork guy adds anymore grease to the shame spiral. Unless, of course, you hate fun. Rainbows and ice cream and puppies riding unicorns to the amusement park where every girl and boy you’ve ever wanted to kiss is waiting topless with a fresh Binaca in their back pocket just itching to make out for hours and all the rides are free.

And fuck you if you do.

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