Sundelles – Georgia Swan Sundelles – Georgia Swan

Sundelles - Georgia Swan

Sundelles - Georgia Swan

I want to do this record review only because of my history. My first review for Pinpoint Music was a 7 inch from Brooklyn based Sundelles. Because I was new, I thought Pinpoint just gave out 7 inches for all their new writers. I never heard these guys before and I applied with metal reviews. Surely this had to be a joke.  The “Dead Youth” 7 inch, however, was two songs nothing short than a wonderful garage throwback sunbleached and salty from the tide. In my first review, I made mention that Sundelles had all the right elements for a drop dead gorgeous debut record. I love being right. Almost one year later I am happy to report Georgia Swan lives up to its initial promise as it sways, surfs and jumps in slow motion above the sand.

In my initial review, I made note of a certain lo fidelity which constructed the record. This was more written for the noisy 50’s frat party anthem “Waiting” as it’s a-side was the cleaner cut of the two. Georgia Swan, like its first single, is clean as a whistle with little grit and grime to its name. Perhaps, this is the charm of the record as the majority of garage throwbacks fill the record with reverb and pretentious fuzz. This is not to say noisy garage is not without its highlights but the same could be said , as well, about the cleaner side. The majority of Sundelles hinges on simple yet effective songs delivered in a memorable, catchy melodies. These three New York residents have masked themselves into a sobering throwback which brings the 60’s to 2011 Brooklyn rather than the other way around.

“Gold” greets the listener as the first track in a symmetrical ten pack of garage pop.  I was worried that “Dead Youth” would be the achievement with the rest of the album acting as dead weight. The opposite is true of course as the first single takes a backseat to a long line of heavy hitters. In fact, Dead Youth steps aside and waits at the end to close the show with the very sentimental “Me & You.” The variety and construction of the record continually keeps the songs fresh and slightly chilled. The majesty and wonder of “Tearing It Apart,” “Walking Along”  and “Cant Win” brightens the album and makes me wonder how a simple template of guitars and vocals became a lost art.

Georgia Swan maybe the most understated record of 2011 which fits into the very fact they are unsigned and just getting started. Many times during this week, I have introduced Sundelles to a variety of situations. Georgia Swan works as background, driving, morning and dinner music. It can soothe a hangover or break the ice during large social gatherings. It is awesome and I almost missed out on it. I love being right, especially when it is with a near perfect record.


Sundelle’s Georgia Swan Track list

1. Gold
2. Walking Along
3. Cant Win
4. Keep It To Yourself
5. Kiss the Coast
6. Tear It Apart
7. Not Today
8. In My Dreams
9. Dead Youth
10. Me & You

Sundelles - Georgia Swan, reviewed by Kaptain Carbon on 2011-05-09T12:57:45-07:00 rating 4.4 out of 5

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