Stream Dutch Uncles’ “Slave to the Atypical Rhythm” Stream Dutch Uncles’ “Slave to the Atypical Rhythm”

1864Manchester math pop darlings, Dutch Uncles, have decided to celebrate the release of their new album Out of Touch in the Wild (out today on Memphis Industries and currently streaming over at Spinner) to share the lead track from their Record Store Day release, Slave to the Atypical Rhythm because nothing says “BUY OUR NEW RECORD!” quite like a a refreshingly faithful rendition of a seminal track from one of pop cultures most enigmatic phenoms. Did I mention it was a Grace Jones cover? Because it’s totally a Grace Jones cover. And it’s pretty friggin’ awesome. You can listen to it below and when you’re done with that I strongly suggest you take a few minutes to watch Ms. Jones perform her version live at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert last year while hula-hooping. You’ve earned it.

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