Stars – The Five Ghosts Stars – The Five Ghosts

Stars - The Five Ghosts

Stars - The Five Ghosts

Stars imagine love as a messed-up measure of someone’s tortured conscious. Lead vocalist Torquil Campbell said, “If you could make horror movies that were like love stories, that would be my ultimate genre.” The build up of anxiety and vulnerability acts as a muse.

Modern romance has the potential to exist well above an I verse you texting match, which inherently drives people towards more complex intimacy.

Their newest album, Five Ghosts, really justifies the conflict between satisfaction and dissatisfaction. The vocals of Amy Millan and Torquil Campbell switch off between destructive roles of longing, and doubtfully distancing themselves from each other. For over a decade Stars has been the Toronto band that exuberates a frantically lovesick aura, twisted like Tim Burton’s misunderstood outcast. The charmingly pop surrealist tunes of Five Ghosts use death as an outlet to create a disturbance in the past and present. A numbingly subtle feeling against the sudden shift that occurs once everything has ended.

Romantically creepy and poetically self destructive, Star’s are trying to keep a flame lit while blowing it out. The lyrics, I died so I could have you/ I died so I could haunt you mirror this intensity. The texture of Amy Millan’s despairingly angelic voice leads the album, adding dept to Campbell’s incredible weightlessness. The track, “Changes” is the real masterpiece of the Five Ghosts, holding up only next to “Your Ex-Lover is Dead,” on their album Set Yourself On Fire. I’ve never been good with change/ I hate it when it all stays the same, is sung as a refreshingly unique ballad that plays along side strings rather than keys. This pop dramatization has the potential to compete with blues.

Everyone contributes to this melodramatic society, full of trashy entertainment and instant gratification; in the end it is surprising anybody knows what they want. Stars are sharing the immense effort it takes to love in spite of one’s indecisiveness.

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