Solar Bears – Inner Sunshine EP Solar Bears – Inner Sunshine EP

Solar Bears- Inner Sunshine EP

Solar Bears- Inner Sunshine EP

Solar Bears are an Irish duo signed to leftfield electronic label Planet Mu. Inner Sunshine EP sees the pair release a taster of their spaced out post rock sound before the debut album is released by Planet Mu on September 20th.

As an EP, Inner Sunshine employs atmosphere and a kind of futuristic ambience to enthral the listener rather than relying on stand out tracks. It certainly lends itself to this genre of music, which in itself is a hark back to the likes of Can and Tangerine Dream. The EP itself is generous; Four original tracks from the band and two remixes of tracks set to appear on debut album She Was Coloured In. Opener “Trans Waterfall” shuffles along nicely; managing to reference both rhythm based kosmische bands such as Can whilst incorporating the twinkling electronics of the likes of Klaus Shulze.

“Photo Negative Living” has its own air of pastoral English folk mixed with previously mentioned 70’s instrumental bands; It even has a Mogwai-esque progression thrown in for good measure.

The more sinister sounding “Kill On” starts to wade deep in the territory of the Glasweigan post-rockers, droning guitars and steady bass taking over. Generally speaking, those same twinkling electronics and picked acoustic guitars are a common theme running through Inner Sunshine.

Letherette’s remix of “Crystalline”clicks and chirps nicely, though ultimately has a bit of a chillout compilation feel to it. Not that there’s anything particularly wrong with that per se, but such compilations pride themselves on being a two hour samey mash up, and such qualities in a debut EP does not make for good starting ground. Lones’ remix of “Twin Stars” proves to be much more in keeping with the overall feel of Inner Sunshine EP, cascading electronics and far off, echoey vocals all coming together to create the soundtrack to an outer space rave.

The obvious problem about having no stand out tracks, however, is that you have no stand out tracks. Inner Sunshine isn’t an EP to be loved, then, more to be admired.  It may have even been the band’s intention to release such an EP before their debut, which will hopefully blow us all away, and at fifteen tracks long, it better have some killers up its’ sleeve.  As it stands, Solar Bears have set out their sound nicely. Time to build on it.

Solar Bears - Inner Sunshine EP, reviewed by Lemon on 2010-08-25T08:59:47-07:00 rating 3.3 out of 5

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