Snakehole – Snakehole Snakehole – Snakehole

Snakehole - Snakehole (2015)

Snakehole – Snakehole (2015)

Snakehole is pretty much exactly what I thought Bully was going to sound like what with all the punk as fuck hard girl pedal stomp revival thrown up in advance of last year’s Feels Like and I know that’s fucking ludicrous. I do. There’s no way in hell there’d ever be all that gloss surrounding such a caustic blare of uncompromised female expression because America, in the 21st Century, still doesn’t know how to respond to the idea of the angry woman, let alone the proud one, the unflinching one, the smart one, etc.

Shit, America doesn’t even know how to deal with the most basic presumption that every woman is a person born into the same ontological plane as any other human being and – in so doing – is entitled to all the same rights and reactions as anyone else.

Level fucking dignity, man.

I suppose there is a certain argument that without centuries of patriarchal oppression, steadfast and normalized objectification/degradation, rape culture and political violence a band like Snakehole would never need to exist but that argument is moot, debasing and stupid*.

For one thing, noise is fucking noise and the yen to make a racket is an animal nature as imbued in the blood as breathing and no manner of hegemonic flip is ever going to change that. Granted, the noise that Snakehole makes is particularly abrasive in the vein of the no wave, no fun, hate me/hate you fuck school of Harry Pussy, Mutators and Lydia Lunch (now and forever) punctuated by black metal demo creep instrumental interludes** making it much more convoluted than the language of casual beasts but we wouldn’t be talking about them if their sound was just passing vulgarities so QED or something.

Secondly, undermining the validity of reactionaries by insinuating that their zeitgeist (and pursuant existence) somehow owes a debt to the oppressor is exactly the kind of Draconian doublethink that keeps people like Trump on the national tongue.

Lastly, there is no backdrafting history. There is where we were and there’s where we are and if there were more bands like Snakehole to snap at the shackles of American culture maybe, just maybe, soon enough we will get somewhere better.

*I’ve engaged in some form of this debate more than once.
**I’m pretty sure “Prologue” is the opening to “Pure Fucking Armagedon”

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  • You’re correct. Things don’t seem to get noticed anymore unless you are moronic, ugly, make-a-big-face, lots of loud cackles and say the word, “fuck” quite often. Makes me wonder… what’s next ?